5 Sequence – Everlasting Youth

In this sequence we will be looking at :


excessive  interest in oneself and one’s physical appearance.
synonyms: vanityself-loveself-admirationself-absorption, self-obsession, conceit, self-centeredness, self-regardegotismegoism

“his emotional development was hindered by his mother’s narcissism”

Look at the image:

'Plastic Surgery, come as you are and leave as you wish'

What do you think?

Do you believe our society is obsessed with being young?

In what ways?

What is the myth of Narcissus?


In Greek mythology, Narcissus was a hunter from the territory of Thespiae in Boeotia who was renowned for his beauty. He was the son of a river god named Cephissus and a nymph named Liriope. He was exceptionally proud of what he did to those who loved him. Nemesis noticed and attracted Narcissus to a pool, wherein he saw his reflection and fell in love with it, not realizing it was merely an image. Unable to leave the beauty of his reflection, Narcissus died. Narcissus is the origin of the term narcissism, a fixation with oneself.

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Look at these paintings:

How are they connected to the myth?


read more here:




What about the Flower, Narcissus, What is the origin of it’s name?



What do you know about the “Picture of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde?

Watch this trailer:

Learn more about Oscar Wilde and “The Picture of Dorian Gray”

You are going to write a story:

Don’t Forget:

You should use past tense verbs:

Past –

* Regular with ed

– He walked to school.

* Irregular – http://www.englishpage.com/irregularverbs/irregularverbs.html

–  She wrote a story yesterday.

Past continuous –

* was/ were + verb +ing    ( a past continuous action)

She was eating her piece of pizza when a monster grabbed her .

Present Perfect –

* have/has + past participle

Have you ever visited the USA?

I have never visited the USA.

How long have you lived in Agadir?

I have lived in Agadir for 3 years.

How many times have you visited the Eiffel Tower?

* use : never, ever, just, yet, always, already

* use :  How long…….   How many times ……….  answer with for and since

Elements of a story :

  • Suspense: feelings of excitement or anxiety when the reader tries to figure out the outcome or ending
  • Plot twists: a change in plot that takes the story in a different direction than expected
    • Suddenly : http://www.thesaurus.com/browse/suddenly?s=t
    • Change : http://www.thesaurus.com/browse/Change?s=t
  • Conflict: how the characters solve the problem
  • Setting: time and location where the story takes place
  • Surprise endings: the ending or resolution is not what the reader expected

If you want to add dialogue, remember:

“I told you he was behind you!!” James screamed angrily.

  • Put the dialogue in quotations””,
  • Use the correct punctuation.
  • Describe how the person said it using the past tense and adverbs.
  • Change lines when the character changes.
  • http://www.michellehenry.fr/exprecr.htm#dia

Here is an example:

Narcissus and His Obsessive Ways

The mother moved closer to her son, she whispered, “Narcissus, can you hear me?”

Narcissus shook his head with extreme nonchalance, “Yes, Of course I can hear you, but can you please leave me alone, can’t you see I am with my friend?”

The mother shook her head in disbelief wondering if she could actually make him understand that he was actually looking at himself. She was very proud of her son, he had a certain beauty that was flawless and perfect to most by-standers. She knew the power her son possessed, but didn’t realize that it would actually come to this. He hadn’t eaten in over a week and she knew she had to react quickly to save her son from certain death. “Son, you have got to try and listen to what I have to say, do you understand me? This is a matter of life or death,” the mother pleaded urgently.

“I told you I was busy, I only have eyes for my true love. He is looking at me as I am looking at him. He is the only one that counts for me. Can’t you see how much he loves me? Just look at the way he is staring into my eyes. He is so beautiful and pure, like an angel. I cannot leave his side, he needs me as I need him. Go back home, I will be alright as long as I am with him,” Narcissus replied sternly.

His mother started to cry in her desperate attempt at saving him. He would not listen to her and he was definitely not going to move. What could she do? She started to panic to come up with ideas to save him. She turned away and whispered to herself, “If I get a mirror and put it in front of him, maybe I can coax him into coming home with me!”

The mother made her way to the village and recuperated a small hand held mirror. She returned to the river in her last attempt to save her handsome child…………….

  1. Highlight the PUNCTUATION used in the dialogue.

  2. UNDERLINE the words ending in ly
  3. Outside of the dialogue, how are the verbs conjugated?

  4. Is this how you wrote your dialogue? Compare your dialogue to this one and correct your mistake.

  5. Make sure your verbs are conjugated correctly. Look at the punctuation, does it follow the method?


30 thoughts on “5 Sequence – Everlasting Youth

  1. Caravaggio painted an adolescent page wearing an elegant brocade doublet, leaning with both hands over the water, as he gazes at this own distorted reflection, his open arms marking the left and right edges of the painting; it’s a composition forming a circle with his reflection (whose knee marks the center of the painting) . The clothes are timeless, rather of the painter’s time than the myth’s.

    Metamorphosis of Narcissus (1937) is an oil-on-canvas painting by the Spanish surrealist Salvador Dalí. This painting is from Dalí’s Paranoiac-critical period. The painting shows Narcissus sitting in a pool, gazing down. There is a stone figure which corresponds closely to him but is perceived quite differently; as a hand holding up a bulb or egg from which a Narcissus is growing. In the background, a group of naked figures can be seen, while a third Narcissus figure appears on the horizon.

    I personally prefer Dali’s painting because its surrealistic caracter gives it more of an timeless dimension that correspond better to the myth of Narcissus. The colors used by the painter are also warmer and it’s more attractive in a painting, than the very dark ambient in Caravaggio’s Narcissus.

    The flower Narcissus is frequently linked to the myth of Narcissus who fell in love with his own reflection in water and drowned; it is told that the narcissus plant sprang from where he died.
    In fact, the narcissus may have been called so because of its tendancy to incline towards water points, as Narcissus did. It is also called so because of its beauty and toxicity (reference to Narcissus’ vanity)


  2. Ohh, that pictures are just amazing, we can see the narcissisme of each person in every picture.
    All of them show too uss who people can love them self. It’s make you realize that some poeple have a different opinion about “love”.
    Your favorite student, Abdel El Idrissi


  3. My opinion isn’t very original. I do think that a woman is waaay more attractive when she is natural, just like it has been said. We shouldn’t forget that for a lot of men, the woman’s body isn’t the first thing that makes them fall in love. True love. Of course, there will always be women that will pay a lot of money to transform their body in a way that they will feel loved, liked, or at least noticed. Because that’s what a lot of people want : attention !

    I think that plastic surgeries should be done for people that really need it, like victims of car accidents for example. In that case, they WILL feel better. In other cases, it seems very futile and one of the best ways to waste money. But of course, people are free ! They are free to do whatever they want with their bodies. Which doesn’t mean that we don’t have the right to judge them !


  4. Ohh damn, that picture gave too me a new opinion about the plastic surgery.
    The new methodes of operation gave too the world a new type of medcine called plastic surgery.
    The good point are that girls can have the body they want. But they are too much bad points, like infections, or that the girls who do that operation don’t accepted their body before or that the prices are too expensives. Me i prefere a natural girl who accept her body and don’t spend her money one something that arn’t important. I call that a fake girl :/


  5. In my opinion todays society is too focused on what we look like and that’s scary, because if you’re not spoiled by Nature you don’t even exist, it’s like there’s no place for the “different” ones ( I won’t say ugly because everybody is beautiful in their way ). Well, I agree, the appearance can be important because it’s the first thing we see, but not as much important as it is now. People can’t change what Nature give to them just for society. You have to assume your body and be proud of it ! Beauty is a subjective thing, you’ll always find someone that finds you beautiful. We can’t accept the fact that beauty is defined by society and the public opinion and follow the trend like sheeps !
    Look, one years tatoos are fancy and the other year no more, what can the people who had tatooed themself do right now ? Things always change, like criterions of beauty and for me there are no criterion of beauty : everybody is beautiful in the eyes of those who love them.
    So, finally, plastic surgery have to be used just in case you had an accident you broke your nose or something like that, otherwise that’s not necessary.


  6. Plastic surgery is today a very important thing in our society. Now, if someone who is more than 18 is not happy with one of his body part, this person can directly think about plastic surgery, and then all this person’s problem will disappear. But it’s actually even more than a simple & quick surgery to look “better” and feel happier. Today, physical appearence became everyone’s center of attention, but they may forgot that it’s not the most important distinguishing feature, because it should always come after personality and intelligence..we first need to be good with people to allow them to see the beauty inside us , because the outside one will follow. Superficial beauty is the one without the intern factor. Why do we need to spend a fortune to erase that bump on the nose? Flaws are what makes someone unique. Why do we need to get that surgery to keep our youth? Wrinkles are the marks of a life fully lived. So let’s save that amount of money for real things.
    But somehow, we also need to concede the fact that some people are so unhappy with their features that they need it, and well, if it can make this person happier, then it’s worth it. That’s the beauty of freedom choice. However, botoxed barbie-dolls lost their real beauty, the one that has been given to them their first day, exchanging it against a plastic body..
    Cosmetic surgery’s not bad, but it has to be justified.. :p


  7. Plastic surgery is one of the most popular subjects in the health world in today’s society. People are becoming obsessed about their appearance. Medias encourage this perfect body image. In fact, plastic surgery contains a lot of benefits and many risks. It is helping people to improve their appearances, their self-confidence and their bodies images. I think that it is a way to make people feel more comfortable. This surgery can be dangerous. The results are not guaranteed, it can be costly and very painful, psychologically and physically. For me, people should undergo a plastic surgery only in case of a serious accident or a malformation to recover a “normal” aspect.


  8. Plastic surgery became a real problem in our society! I don’t understand how people want to change themselves for such an amount of money just to look better. I think that this is just ridiculus. We have to be proud of what we look like and look at the good things in ourselves. Plastic surgery shows how narcissist people can be. The picture is just so great because it really shows how plastic surgery became in our society. Today, changing your nose or mouth became much easier, it’s like going to a shop and choosing a sweater or a tee-shirt. Narcissism became a huge problem in our society, people think of themselves before the other ones, and it’s just so sad to see people spending money on plastic surgery and not on helping other people that may need this money.


  9. I don’t know why people today are too obsessed about their look! Especially womens that are ready for everything to have the perfect body that are seeing in the Tv or the internet.
    This “New Fashion” of plastic surgery is too dangerous and people are not aware of this danger that can kill their body instead of making it “perfect”. I think that people need to stop this, and start to think about their health and their life, and not about their beauty because all what they see in the Tv and internet is just a publicity of companies that do everything to earn money.
    This plastic surgery can cause anesthesia, hemorrhage, infections and scars that will turn our dream to a nightmare.
    People should realy care and change their vision of the world!


  10. I think that plastic surgery is the same case as narcissus : by dint of being fixed on the beauty and the perfection, people get lost. Like the girl who wanted to look like Barbie, she is now unrecognizable, for me it is not human. Nature has given to people good and bad sides, we must exploit the good ones and accept the bad. And between us you prefer a woman who has done so much plastic surgery that she looks more like an alien has human, or a natural woman, no matter her age, who have her charms ? Me, I choose the second choice. On top of that it’s very expensive, when we can find others means to keeps the youth, like sport or nutrition. We live in a life where the quest for the foutain of youth never ends.
    So, I think that plastic surgery can be used on victims of car accidents or fires, in other cases it is unnecessary.


  11. We live in a society that is obsessed with their looks and many people are complexed by their imperfections (excess of fat, small breast, big nose…), for these people, plastic surgery is about getting their confidence back, they feel more comfortable with their appearance after the surgery. Other people get surgery hopping to look beautiful or young forever.
    As with everything, there are the positive and the negative aspect. Plastic surgery is not without dangers, sometimes it can goes wrong. It’s a pass or fail kind of thing.
    If I had to give an advice, I would say that staying natural is better than giving your body to a doctor and let him cut you and  open things out of you or slice you..


  12. The plastic surgery change people physically that’s why on this paper they are write ” come as you are and leave as you wish”. The fight against the ageing was always a concern. Nowadays, the fear of aging becomes almost an obsession: the physical appearence took a very important place in our society, and to age is for some a real complex. It is more and more present subject in the society and that shows in particular the growing appeal to cosmetics and to plastic surgery.
    Personnaly, i think, i am sure we must accept ourselves as we are and it’s better to be natural.


  13. Plastic surgery is a medical procedure with the purpose of alternation or restoring the form of the body.
    I accept that plastic surgery from actors, film stars or singers but from other people I prefer natural beauty. No matter how rich you are, you can’t waste your money on that. Sometimes when people have plastic surgery to look beautiful they end up uglier than they were before. Beauty is very important for both men and women, but if you have it naturaly it’s better. And plastic surgery can have bad consequences, such as cancer, and even cause people to Die.


  14. In my opinion, I think that we live a society very materialist, the youth is being the new product to sale to this society who doesn’t want to grow old. I think that we can do a plastic surgery when we hate ourself, or when we need it because of million reasons, but the ironie here is that people use plastic surgery to just follow the new trend. I think that everyone is free , I don’t judge the people who do it, I could do a plastic surgery in the future , who knows ? The most important is to love yourself, to be confident, to accept what you are not what you want to be. If all the people in the world learn to love themselves and to keep their heads hight, I’m sure that they will live a beautiful life.


  15. I think plastic surgery could be a good thing IF the person who does that has a medical reason. But why change the body? If we’re like that, it’si that we’re meant to be and a person will fall in love with you. So plastic surgery is a good thing to replace a burned part of your body, a scratched part but not to be more attractive. Beauty is subjective


  16. Plastic surgery has taken an important place in our society.Because of the media, some people would like to become perfect physically and that’s a problem.In my opinion, everyone should trust himself, because the beauty is natural. I think that plastic surgery can be allowed for people who had an accidents or something like that, but not to draw the attention.


  17. Today, in the world, the plastic surgery was the most popular subject. Normaly you do plastic surgery if you have more than 18 years old. But today, some personn do it at 14…
    Personn do plastic surgery, when they don’t like a part of their body. Or someone they don’t like it.
    And sometimes this personn do plastic surgery just for impress other people. Not all the time this plastic surgery succesfull, sometimes she really make you ugly. For example Melanie Grifftih was more beautiful before than after this plastic surgery.
    This surgery has more consequences than benefits. You can have cancer for example…
    In my opinion, i think that it’s not necessary to do this surgery, because if someone really love you, he love you for yourself and not for your apparence.


  18. In my opinion , we should accept it as it is and change for anyone. There are no better than staying is even and natural. Plastic chururgie saved several people, but the people who really needed it . The physical is not the only thing you see in a person .


  19. Beauty is important in our society. People try to do everything to make themselves look beautiful. Some people have so many complex, they try to earn money to have plastic surgery . I won’t be doing that, because I don’t want to take the risk and because I’m satisfied with what I have. Plastic surgery can have bad consequences, such as cancer, and can even kill you . No matter how ugly I was, I still wouldn’t dare to have plastic surgery.


  20. I think people should accept what they have , because it’s by nature and everyone is beautiful by his own way , even though he is black or white. If we go for surgery it’s very dangerous and worst our life. Surgery can make people look down on you too because it’s just a fake side of your face… I think society shouldn’t judge people te feel like they have to change.
    But in addition to that, Some people need plastic surgery While I don’t think everyone should be running around having plastic surgery, it can be a necessity for some people. But there are some people who are trying to do everything they can to make themselves look awesome. Some people are so concerned about their looks that they try to earn money to have plastic surgery abroad.

    People think plastic surgery will make them look better when it most cases it makes them look worse. Some people are addicted to plastic surgery this is why people need to learn to love themselves.


  21. “Come as you are and leave as you wish”
    The photo and this expression really reflects today’s society. It became easy to change our appearance, and it is something that preoccupies a lot of people. If someone is not happy with one of his body parts, he can change thanks to plastic surgery. In our society, the way we look is taking, each day, more and more importance. Indeed, every body is obsessed with his body and is trying to look the most beautiful as possible
    But what is beauty ? Can anyone just define it ? It is a subjective thing, and everyone is beautiful in its own way.
    Personally, I don’t understand the people who spend such an important amount of money, just to look better and hide their “imperfections”. I think we have to assume who we are, and that starts with how we look like. We have to feel good in our body and trust our natural beauty ! There’s nothing better. Moreover, in my opinion, taking risks for this surgery doesn’t worth it.
    Of course, I am talking about plastic surgery as a plus, something we do just to improve our physical appearance. I am not talking about it when it is a necessity. In some cases, like serious accidents, plastic surgery is really advised and can also be the only solution.


  22. I see that person who wants to do plastic surgery is a person who need some change in their life. the thing that they don’t now is that kind of change is very dangerous for the life of the person. There are many causes that push someone to choose like a final and miraculous solution to be happy: sadness, loneliness, depression, physical incidents,… So for the documents, the first one with the small store with the slogan “Come as you are and leave as you wish” is no more than a big lie to all the persons unhappy and have no confidence in themselves.


  23. Now, evryone is judge for anything he/she could do! So for some people the unique solution is to change that part of their body, to feel better and not be be criticized anymore.
    It’s crazy that so many of us are prepared to risk their lives to put such great importance on the way they look. Added to that we should know that there are always the possibilities of complications.
    Added to that, In our society, some women could spend billions of dollars every year on Botox, wrinkle creams and cosmetic surgery to go back in time and be like 15 years before for example. Finally, in my opinion I don’t understand their choice but if it contribute to overall happiness, so if it makes someone happier to have a better looking nose or whatever, it’s their choices!
    But, It really depends on the circumstances, for example if someone had a dangerous accident, or something similar a plastic surgery is necessary.


  24. People who don’t feel confident, who always are suffering from bullying use plastic surgery. I understand them, they are tired of people who are always laughing at them. They change their body to feel better. And I think that our society doesn’t help them.

    It pushes women to have the perfect body, a lot of them if they want to have this perfect body go and spend a lot of money in plastic surgery for their face,body for example they think they have a big nose, so they can go and change it.
    But why ? Why change our face or our body, we are what we are and I am sure we will all find people who are going to love us as we are. Nobody is perfect we just need to be more confident. We shouldn’t listen to the others, they are just jealous of us.

    We can’t say that this person is more beautiful because we all have our own beauty, we all have that special thing that no one has. So I have a message for those who just want to spend money to correct their imperfections: what you are going to do is just stupid you just need to trust in yourself and you will see, there is nothing better than natural beauty.

    But for people who had an accident, I totally understand if they go and they change their face, because I know how hard it’s going to be if you look at your face everyday and always remember that horrible day.
    For the photo “come as you are and leave as you wish” reveal how superficial is our society.


  25. Society has always valued beauty so ,I’m perfectly ok with it for people who need some kind of reconstructive or corrective surgery. For people who only want to change a little thing that bothers them and it makes them feel better about themselves, then that’s fine too
    The idea of it doesn’t bother me at all. If it can improve someones life and make them feel comfortable with themselves, more power to them. Why not ??? But People that abuse it are definitely disgusting though
    In addition accident or a malformation plastic surgery is necessary.
    i think that each one is free of his body


  26. Today the first impression is always the last. That’s why everyone in our society do his best to always look good in public.
    Plastic surgery is so useful for some persons who don’t feel good in their body, who always feel that need of changing.
    I think that plastic surgery can be the best thing ever, if it’s used to a good end.
    If you can’t work or even go out of your home you can use it to change your life and make it easier. But if it is only to have a bigger chest or fuller lips it’s not worth it. The changes are reversible and in the future this surgery that has been your rescuer for a few months or years will be your worst nightmare. Not just because of the changes but also because of our regrets due to the fact that the human body always changes. If you have a small chest today you can have the biggest one tomorrow you don’t have to change your body based on what it looks like today. And spend so much money for an ephemeral happiness.
    The singer Melanie Martinez express that regret so well in her music video Mrs. Potato Head where a young women after getting seduced by a “woman men” gets surgery to please him and regret it a soon as she go out from the hospital because it made her look uglier than she would ever been if she hadn’t did that operation.
    So ladies and men’s don’t do that. I’m pretty sure you will regret it, it’s my opinion and if you’re not okay with it, it’s your choice but plastic surgery can ruin your life.


  27. Today so much people doesn’t believe in themselves because of “standards” . It’s sad because in reality we don’t have to have the perfect body to be loved. It’s because of all those persons that make we think that the body is better than the soul that some people have plastic surgery… But plastic surgery is dangerous and addictive, look at Michael Jackson or the Kardashian… Plastic surgery is expensive and sometimes the body rejects the product. I think that we have to accept our body as it is, and it’s for a good reason that it look like that and it’s not a good idea to change it. In general people who make plastic surgery were bullied and traumatized by wicked people, and they became complexed then they believe that if they make plastic surgery they will find the happiness. The real problem is into us and not outside… Of course it’s normal to do plastic surgery for a good reason like if we have an accident or something like that. But for me we don’t have to change our body if we want to change it without a good reason, and we have to search the real reason that make we want change our body and try to correct and forgot it, then we will be happy without plastic surgery.


  28. Of course, it’s terrible if somebody gets excessive and ruins their face. But, in my opinion, I don’t see anything wrong with changing something that you don’t like in your face. Maybe if a person change her nose or her mouth, she will be happy and she will find happiness. The plastic surgery help a lot of people and especially people who made an accident. Each person has her own reasons for doing so we don’t have to judge them.


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