3 Sequence – Far and AWAY

In this Unit we will be looking at travel – space and reciprocity.

We will focus on listening, here is the method you will use for the BAC:

  1. Look at the title and imagine what the audio will be about.
  2. Divide your page into 3 columns (you will listen three times)
  3. Listen the first time and try to identify the speakers and their roles, write down as much as you can in the first column, “who”
  4. Listen again and try to identify “what” “when” “where”
  5. Identify more details such as “why”
  6. When finished, write a summary in your own language to make sure you have understood.


Take a look at the image:

JAPAN. Miyazaki. The Artificial beach inside the Ocean Dome. 1996.

  • What are your immediate reactions?
  • What makes you realise it is an artificial beach?
  • Does this photo make you dream?  Why or why not?

Now look at this image:


What are your immediate reactions?

Does this photo make you dream?  Why or why not?

What sort of holidays are advertised?

Imagine the sports and activities you could practice here.

Visit this website to learn more about the national parks in Utah, complete your web quest:


Now watch this video about travel tips:

Check this blog on Tumblr out:


Listen to sounds from other places, sound transit:



Space Travel:

What do you think about Space Travel?

Do you think we will ever be able to travel to space?

Read about Dennis Tito:



Would you be willing  to travel differently?

Gap Year?

Tourism or Voyeurism?



53 thoughts on “3 Sequence – Far and AWAY

  1. The video named Surfwise that talks about the crazy trip of a family is demented. At the time, “between the war”, when all Americans were anxious and conforming , I think it’s a good idea to have a break from society and take a road trip for 9 years. But today it’s a little bit different and it would be more complicated. For someone in their 50’s, it would be a healthy and very exciting life but living with 11 people in a 24 foot camper is a little extreme. It’s a choice.


  2. Personally, I think that the surfwise experience is very interesting due to the fact that you go away from society in order to live your own life and have fun with your family. I think it’s very exciting and frightening at the same time but I don’t have the ability to live that experience because I can’t take risks.


  3. I am in love with this crazy experience really. I’m not sure but I think that I’m going to try to do it one year. Maybe next year why not 😉 !!


  4. In my opinion I think that this way of traveling could be very interesting during the summer holidays. You could meet new people who will teach you new stuff and get away from our materialistic society for some months like in this movie, Into The Wild. But I think that doing this all your life could be really hard and stressful. Imagine a night in a big forest where you are lost with your family and you have nothing to eat… You must prepare your body and your mind for this.


  5. For me, this family has a good idea. travelling all time can have its advantages. Here this is the best way to discover new places and sceneries. Their lifestyle was interesting because they were eating healthy and surfing was their principal activity. For some person, it’s a dream ( touf touf joris ).
    But I don’t think that travelling for 9 years can be supported by all the family. the children have to meet new friends and study normally in a school, they have to discover the internet especially Facebook.
    Finally, I think that we have all to do it once in our life.


  6. Personally I think that this video is a crazy experience to live even if it makes the family closer. At first when I heard that a family of 11 people had to live in a 24 foot camper I was a bit surprised beacuse they didn’t have enough privacy . I think that I probably won’t do that because I am too attached to the norms of society and I can’t hunt or fish to live. I’m not able to live that way. But I think that living that experience once could just be beneficial. 🙂 .


  7. This video is a trailer of a documentary movie which is called “Surfwise”. It’s a family who decided to live differently, they were eleven, they lived in a 24 foot camper, and they traveled by visiting the U.S territory.
    In my opinion, this unusual way of life could be good and has it advantages. Living outside of society gives us more liberty, we aren’t constrained by the rules, we can do all we want. Moreover we can discover new places, meet new people and learn different cultures. It’s an experience which can be done, why not one day ?


  8. I think that the Surfwise experience is absolutely amazing .
    It allowed people to discover a new lifestyle and make them realize that the most important things in life are the simplest like family and nature .
    But at the same time this experience can be very difficult especially for the children because in my opinion, they need to go to a normal school and make friends .
    As far as I am concerned I don’t think I would be able to experience that lifestyle because I am not an adventurous person at all and I have always been scared about changing anything in my life. So the surfwise experience is just not something for me !!


  9. The true story of “Doc” Paskowitz and his family is a dream for millions of people. I am sad today because Doc passed away just few days ago (the 10th of November) at the age of 93 and he was still surfing. He has inspired several generations of people, looking for a better quality of life. How to achieve several goals in life :sport, family, health, nature, travels and learning from the others.
    My own family is inspired by “Doc’s” messages and if we live in Agadir, after having lived in Spain, Gabon, Côte d’Ivoire, Sénégal, its mainly to search the right balance of life.
    Rest in peace, where you are Doc and ride the most beautiful waves in your new heaven.


  10. I’v seen this trailer and I definitely think that this dad is one of the most courageous I’ve seen. He just decided to fulfill his dreams to feel better and to have a better life, and as we can see his children didn’t regret it. They became totally normal. I think we should all work hard to achieve our dreams no matter how hard it could be and this dad is the perfect example for us.
    “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.”
    ~Colin Powell


  11. What an AMAZING adventure!!! They are lucky to have taken part in this huge experience it must have been a lot of fun .
    It’s another kind of life; travelling all over America and passing their days on surfboards looks interesting. The movie take us in a vertiginous paradox of hedonism and another way of thinking. Dorian Paskovitch with his family have dedicated their life to the surfing and I think it’s an exceptional idea!


  12. I think that it´s a good and amazing way to live. It allows us to discover the world and live without stress and problems. However, that can become boring and tiring if we do it for a long time.


  13. I think the Surfwise experience is truly amazing. It’s an unusual and yet amazing way of living, if you can handle the difficulties.
    Doctor Paskowitz was very courageous, since he abandoned all he had, properties, social life and work, to go and travel around the U.S. with his family. They managed to live “the hard way” as one of the kids said; they didn’t have much money and everyone had to work.
    Plus, they were 11, and living in a 24 sqft. camper !!
    But, although there were obstacles, the Paskowitz family lived greatly, they had a unique life, with unique experiences. “Wisdom comes from experience”, as Dr. Paskowitz said and that’s what he wanted to give his kids.
    I personally would’ve been incapable of living this way, that’s why I deeply respect Mr. Paskowitz, and in general all those who were capable of fulfilling their dreams.


  14. if i had to take a gap year, i would like to do a trip all around the word,so that I could visit every single amazing thing in every part of it. I would like to see different places to open my mind and some get some rest for the next year . I want to try different lifestyles and enjoy them, while i am having time focusing on plans for next year, a new year , in a new college , with new friends . In my travels I would like to visit monuments , drink some hot coffees and do what nomal people don’t do in their routine. I would like to live a different year to get ready for the next one .


  15. I watched 2 videos about Gap year and I really like this idea! It’s an oportunity to have a break and make a personal review. You can make money by doing a little job (and build a work experience) and paying for a trip where you want to go or, if it’s possible, all around the world. You can develop yourself, learn new things, improve yourself. For exemple if you like playing piano, but you don’t have time to train because of school, you could get better in this discipline and maybe become pianist. A Gap year is a wonderful experience and can really help you for your choice of work. It’s beneficial. I will maybe do that next after the BAC.


  16. I think taking a GAP year could be an interesting experience teacher ! If I were to take one , I’d love to travel to the US and do a road trip over there to relax and meet new friends . I would do this after my high school years with some of my friends . We would have fun there . To my mind , it would be the occasion to mature and also to discover a new culture . There is no doubt that some people take a gap year to have some work experience and in the end , they know what kind of job they would love to do.

    If I were to take it ,It would allow me to make big decisions and at the same time, be more responsible.

    There is a negative point though…..you are out of society for a while
    So taking a gap year has its advantages like being more adventurous and responsible but it also has his drawbacks ( missing my family ).

    I’ll certainly do that if I don’t know what kind of studies I’ll do ..


  17. If I had to do the GAP year I would travel around the world to do an internship with all of the famous football clubs to see all my favorite football players and if it were possible to join a football team. Also work to make money and raise money for my future studies. To be a billionaire, help the poor people, help my family buy all my dreams, cars and houses. But I strongly belive that it’s going to be very difficult . As far as I know the majority of billionaires already have rich families .


  18. I watched the videos about taking a Gap Year, and personally, I’m not very motivated to do It. The example we have is a girl who doesn’t know what she wants to do after high school, contrary to me. I’ve got clear ideas of what I want to do : Having my baccalaureate, going to the university, unhook the graduate, and doing the profession that I want. I want to finish my studies quickly and enter into the professional field, so I think that the Gap year isn’t a thing for me. But I’m not totally in opposition to it, the Gap Year can be a good alternative for people who have doubts and who need to think about their future.


  19. For my gap year, I would like to visit different countries, to learn many languages, meet new people, discover new cultures and visit monuments.I could have a lot of contacts in the world. I would like to work in a hotel or in a restaurant to finance the trip. I would be able to sleep in a hostel. I would learn to live alone in a foreign country. I think I would live a beautiful experience around the world; it could teach me many things and could prepare me for the next year. I’m sure that would bring a lot to my life.


  20. First of all, if I take a GAP year, I think I would go to Los Angeles, Sydney and Oslo. I really want to discover the entire world no matter how, and as far as I am concerned, it seems to me that ,after a hard senior year, it’s the perfect moment to do it. Meanwhile, I would take my time to focus on myself, to think about what I want to do, to relax and to enjoy. Moreover, I’ll come undone from the school universe and I’ll get some work experience. However, it will be very difficult for me to live alone and to leave my family, my friends and my country.


  21. If I decided to take a gap year , I think I would go to Spain and I will be soccer player because it’s my dream . And after, I wont to go in Barcelona and meet international spanish soccer player at the same time I could see Fc Barcelona soccer player . My dream is to train in the club in a Camp nou . And after , I will go to Belgium to visit a big attraction park . Finally , I will go to miami because I love this city with his bach .


  22. If I had the timeliness to do the GAP year, I would like travel all around the world. For example: in Orlando, San Francisco, New York,.. for the second time 🙂 and visit all the islands to teach me about other cultures, to learn more about the life and I hope to open my eyes to all the wonderful things!!
    If I can do the GAP year, I want discover all the monuments, and do things that couldn’t do now. I think that give me more mature, more experience, and after, that go up to me what I want in my life probably.
    I can meet different people all the time, I mine it’s very important for ourself! I suppose that could be very cool and fun, as far as I know i think that can change me after all.
    To my mind the GAP year it’s really interesting to learn about ourself, to see the world , to meet a lot of people with a different life style and different culture.
    The negative point is that we need to work , to get a job, but that give you more responsability.

    It’s a wonderful experience, and if I could do it I WILL.!!!!!!


  23. I watched all the videos about taking a gap year and I balanced the for and the against , but I think I can’t do that. I know that a gap year can make me relax after fifteen years of studies, and it can help me to chose the right issues for my future but I think it isn’t worth it. Firstly I definitely think that if after 3 years in the high school you can’t decide what you will do about your future, one gap year can’t change a lot of things.Secondly I’m not really tired,I mean high school isn’t that hard and I don’t think I provided a lot of efforts during this period. Then if you take a gap year you wouldn’t be able to go to all the colleges you want, indeed a lot of prestigious schools and colleges don’t accept student with an old baccalaureate even if they are brilliant. Finally, my projects for my future are really clear to me. I think a will enter a school of politics or laws, graduate then be a lawyer or a politician. I will do my best to achieve my project.
    After graduating I think at this time I will have the opportunity to take a gap year with a group of friends , to relax and think about my future job. If things go this way and I hope so, I’ll go to China to discover this beautiful country, their culture and all the landscapes in this country.


  24. In my view, taking a gap year after highschool could be very interesting if you don’t know what you want to do. I think if I were to take a gap year, I would travel in all Europe. I would certainly discover new cultures of countries like Germany, Hungary, Poland, Croatia… Also, it’ll be a good occasion to make new friends, learn new languages and relax while planning my future. Taking a break from the pressure of the society couldn’t harm you, isn’t it?

    I strongly believe that I would gain maturity. Indeed, I would pay the rent and the travel by my own. I will probably work to succeed in this optic. I would feel more responsible, I would be an adult and I would also get work experience.
    Taking a gap year would help me to know myself, to know what I really like, what I really hate.
    However, while taking a gap year I’d probably miss my friends, my parents and my family. So I think you must prepare your mind before doing it.

    Also, I don’t think my parents would feel the same way I do.


  25. I think the gap year it’s an intersting experience and it’s a good opportunitu for me , because allows his to me to show what myself i like making or rather what i believed to like making in my intended .
    During this year , i shall visit mythical places and which will remain to engrave for ever in my heart . I shall take advantage of ecry day, of every hours , minuts and seconds .
    In this year I would like to learn many languages because it’s very important for my future .


  26. If I had to take a gap year, I would like to visit a lot of countries, especially Washington DC, to discover this famous place, discover it’s culture and history. I would get a lot of maturity and experience out of this ,like work experience ,get a job , an apartment and make new friends . To own my money I would work as a delivery man or something like that.So I could tell a gap year could be a good thing, to my opinion it could be interesting, because you would feel a little free, no pressure of any kind and you could go where you want.


  27. I think that the gap year concept is good because when it comes to study people get lost, so taking a gap year could give those people another chance. If I had to take a gap year i think I would go to America because that country is so interesting and people are so nice and welcoming there. There are so much things to do there, you never get bored. As the girl said on the video, we can get work experience and meet new people as well as get closer to the professional world . The gap year is a second chance for undecided people. To my mind, it would be a good experience to live once and sometimes you just need to let it go and appreciate the good moments and focus on yourself. Actually I am lost in my professional project, I have like no idea what to do in the future, so I am really thinking about taking a gap year. Who knows.


  28. I think that the GAP year has it’s advantages and inconveniences. First of all, it allows us to travel all around the world, to discover new cultures and to create new links. Having a GAP year shows you how the society is organized, it teaches you pragmatic things you will never learn at school or at university. You learn how to be more sociable and tolerant and you get a real experience with people and it prepares you for the future. It’s an opportunity to be immersed in the active life, and it can also help you pay the school bills. The GAP year, is also a break from school to figure out what you want to be and what you want to do.
    But there is a negative side; spending a gap year can turn you into a lazy person and make you choose to not go back to college. A decision you will surely regret after some years.
    So, in my opinion, if this gap year is used to work and to learn new things and to build a personality you will be proud of, it’s a good option. But if it’s spent in the wrong way, it’s just a waste of time. And God knows how much time is precious is our society.


  29. I am a 17 year old Moroccan and next year I will have to choose which college I am going to attend. But I absolutely have no idea about what I am going to do. I think I’ll do a gap year, because it’s the oportunity to relax and think about myself and travel all over the world and visit US universities. I could also do an internship to get work experience and discover the work world. If I were to take it I wouldn’t stop going to parties with my best friends.


  30. Watching these videos about a gap year has made me realise that it can be a great experience for life and help you understand what you really want to do in the world of work.
    If I could take a gap year, I would do a trip all around the world. But I wouldn’t have enough money, so I would have to find a job. Every month of the year, I would go to an other country and discover new things. Every month would be a another step to an in depth learning of the world. I’m sure it could be a great experience. The first month, I’d go to Greece and find out why it’s a great country. I would stay in Athens, try to learn the language and go to some museums to learn how this city used to work in the antiquity. Then I think that i would go to Tokyo in Japan. This city has a reputation of being the best city of the world, but it’s also the most populous city. There are a lot of things to do in this amazing city, but the first thing to to make people understand you, is to learn the language. Japanese is known for being very difficult to learn. Describing all that I would do in my gap year would take me a lot of time, but after leaving Japan I would go to England and then maybe to the US. Going to the US wouldn’t be as expensive as the other countries. I wouldn’t have to work there because part of my family lives there. After north America, I thing that I would maybe go to Brazil or Argentina. But before thinking of taking a gap year, I should think of having my baccalaureate first .


  31. When i saw the trailer of “surfwise”, I personally thought that this experience was great. But after thinking a second time, I’m now thinking that it could become very dangerous, stressful and boring after a certain time. I think that if I had to do like this family, it wouldn’t last more than a month. It would certainly be great to leave society and it’s stress for a while and just focus on life priorities like eating, surviving and discovering nature, but I’m not so interested in this type of life. I prefer a safe life inside society with my family and my friends.


  32. If I were to take a gap year, I would like to do a bike trip in Italy. I’d love to discover all the monuments and beautiful cities of Italy by bike. I would do this with my friends after the university. In my opinion it’s an amazing trip because traveling by bike allows you to see all the details and things that we can’t see by car or train. Moreover, it would be an occasion for me to get more experience and be more sociable, adventurous and responsible. On the top of that, a gap year is fascinating because I could meet new people and improve my level in english.


  33. I think that taking a gap year could be an amazing experience for me .I would like to go to Brazil because it has always been my dream destination . It would be intersting to discover a new culture .
    A gap year could be the perfect occasion for me to think about what I want to do with my life because I still haven’t figured it out .
    I am not a responsible person at all, so taking a gap year would allow me to become more mature and to learn how to stand on my own feet.
    If I were to take a gap year I would try to find a job to get work exprerience because I have never worked before.
    I have been in school for the last past years of my life so a year off could only beneficial for me and would allow me to see what real life looks like .


  34. According to me, taking a Gap Year would be an opportunity to see the world we live in. If I were to take a Gap Year, I would have fun, make new friends,and travel around the world. Personnaly I like the countries like Australia or some Pacific islands for the sun and sea . I would also get a job to be able to do that and to do some tennis tournaments before going back to shcool because I would not have the time afterwards.


  35. I’m not into surfing so the surfwise experience might be enjoyable but not for me.
    I’m more into traveling. I’d love to visit every country in this world.
    I don’t know maybe i should take a gap year to visit one of my dream destinations (Japan).
    Life isn’t always what you think it ought to be. You can die anytime so you have to live it the way you want and that’s what i want maybe that gap year will allow me to think about my life’s meaning.


  36. If I had to take a gap year, I would’ve loved to travel all around the world, go on one of those organised discovery trips. Or, maybe I’d go on my own and visited the places I always wanted to see.

    I would’ve certainly gone to the USA, for a while, because there are so many things you can see and do there. I’ve always been fascinated by the American culture and lifestyle, and the idea of the “American Dream” is very attractive to me. The fact that you’re able to do whatever you want to do as long as you give yourself the chance.

    Since the United States covers a whole continent form coast to coast, it seems to me that a road trip through the country could be the best plan for my gap year. Even an entire year wouldn’t be enough to see every interesting thing a foreigner has to see there, but with a little bit of organization, I could possibly see the most important ones on the road.

    In my opinion, taking a gap year is an interesting “test” before college, but only if you take this opportunity to set yourself a goal and achieve it, not just waste your year on some useless stuff. It has to be a way for you to grow up, maybe think differently and become more mature.

    Thus, I assume that the gap year could be an amazing experience.


  37. I think that if we finish High school and we have no idea of what we want to do in our profesional life, it might be a good idea take a gap year. It would help you get to know yourself better because it’s probably one of the biggests choices you would have to make in your life.


  38. If I had to do the gap year I would go to the United States of America for a second time .
    I would go visit all the museums and visit all the fifty states because everyone is unique. I would start with NYC and go to time square for shopping and buy everything I wanted .
    I would cross this country to go to California and spend all my money gambling games in Las Vegas
    Then I would go to Washington D.C. to visit the White House and see the Washington Monument.

    I would like to have fun with my friends and my family.


  39. For my gap year I would go to Australia , I love this place because you can see whatever you want : you can surf , visit , shop… It’s a wondrrful place. If I were to do a gap year, I would find a small job and I would enjoy my life!


  40. In my opinion, the “gap year” isn’t for hard workers, but I’m a little bit lazy and that’s why I like it! I would like to visit a U.S university, to gain knowledge and to have fun with students. They have a lot of parties, they are cool and they practice a lot of sports. I like Americans and the U.S mentality ! In my mind they have the best lifestyle in the world because they don’t care about taboos. In the USA , there is a lot of different food and entertainment. An inconvenience is that the rent is too expensive…


  41. If I take a gap year, I would like to travel to London, in England, I think because I like the weather there. Although I know that most people don’t like when it rains, I am not of them.

    First, I would like to visit Big Ben from inside, go see the London eye and try it. Then I think that I would take a photos using red pay phone and I have to with one of the Queen’s guards ( and I think I can distract him with one of my jokes). And my dream is to have breakfast with the Queen and take a selfie with her haha. Finally, I would visit all of the city.

    It could help me too to improve my English, speak with people, talk with them about their culture, buy some books of “Sherlock Holmes” and take a cup of tea at four o’clock. this is my dream.

    I think that the gap year could be an interesting trip. It would help me to make a decision about my future job and if I would want to work there.


  42. I saw the videos about gap year and I think that it could be an amazing experience . So I started to think about what I could do during the gap year . My dream is to travel all over the world, to visit the most beautiful places in the world. I don’t love big cities that are stressful. I would to visit the most beautiful sceneries of the world, like in Greece (Santorini),in Perou( Machu picchu), in Turkey (Cappadocia)…

    I am sure that taking a gap year would be a positive thing because you could dicover many things during this year, like your personnality first and you will be more responsable. You will also meet other people and be more sociable… Maybe this experience could make you change your mind for your future .

    I hope that I will do this great experience and make my dream come true.


  43. The gap year is a great concept that I know for long.

    Honestly I dream of such a sabbatical year but I also sense the difference between French and American education systems.

    The American education system allows and even encourages such wonderful experiences when the French process makes it difficult to execute.

    As an example : this is during the last year of high school before the final exam (BAC) where students apply for their colleges or universities of choice and once accepted, it is difficult to explain that you will take a year break. You will automatically be rejected with few chances to present again.

    I personally know friends who have enjoyed such great times but all of them are American and British.

    They were semi Pro surfers and they spent one year travelling and trying to win high level competitions to enter the Pro tour.

    All of them came back to university after this free year with lot of new experiences but also disappointment.

    But if I had the opportunity to take a gap year, I would go with friends to tour Africa and Asia in search of: waves, discovering new cultures and people and improvement of my English that is the language we communicate with in today’s world. I would try to apply for “surf solidaire” a non-profit organisation that helps poor villages around the world that are located close by great surf spots. I already have contacts with them.

    Like in “Doc’s” story, my family will support my initiative but sometimes dreams have to leave the place for reality that is not so exciting and obliges nowadays to be more conformist if you want a chance to achieve a convenient adult life.


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