2 Sequence – I Shop Therefore I AM

In this unit we will discover consumerism and it’s effects on society.

Take a look at this picture and imagine what the artist wants to tell us…..


What do the words remind you of?

I think therefore I am……René Descartes

How can we relate this to the image?  What does it say about our society?

Do you agree or disagree?



Watch these videos about Black Friday:


In contrast, take a look at the following images:


How does this image counter consumer culture?  Why do you think people participate?


What do you know about the movie “Into the Wild”?

Watch this clip……

Watch this:


Do you think this life would be easy?  Why do you think he left normal society?


14 thoughts on “2 Sequence – I Shop Therefore I AM

  1. This movie is right on target on the hipocrisy all around us and how sometimes nature is the answer to bring a man’s soul down to earth. He realised what’s really important in life .. I think the actor captured this message brilliantly !! it is one of my favorite movies !

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  2. Actually I saw this movie. Like many others I found in it a big inspiration of true values that the world is missing or forgetting. In this movie you find a way to live without any technologies our people that are making you consume stuffs that you don’t need. Sean Penn used the exploration to exprim this which is a great way. I saw a movie that is so long but so beautiful. It is called human. The hero of Sean Penn’s film is fighting to found himself and it Human the heroes are humans from all over the world to get much more humanity.
    These two films are really making you analyze things and let you think about what life is.


  3. Personally, I’ve never seen this movie, but I would like to. It looks very inspiring !
    The principal character is from a rich family but he denies this type of life. He wants to live free in the nature ( from where the film’s title “into the wild” ).
    Nowadays society lives from consumtion, it has become a need. This man wants to live pût of all these material things, this is brave !


  4. I actually think that’s not very clever to return to basic life in the woods like an animal. I understand that he denies this part of society, but risking his life just to prove his point or to show how edgy he is isn’t worth it, i mean he has a family that loves him ! What if he goes missing or even fells and dies in a hole left to be eaten by the crows ? Did he think of the consequences ?

    Plus it’s a movie ! It’s a very romantic way to represent wild life ! Reality is way different.

    I didn’t watch the movie though.


  5. As I said, I disagree completely with Hamza’s point because I think that his choice is kind of a clever idea to discover again the real human that he was before society that made him materialistic. I think anyway that if he came back to his country to make people aware of what he discovered of a simple world it would be better.


  6. I would never have believed that consumers could be as violent as we see in this video during black friday. It is crazy, they are so frenzied. What a pity. They’re not enjoying their shopping, they consider it like a mission: go in, get it and get out.


  7. I would never have thought that shoppers could be as violent and frenzied as we have seen in this video regarding Black Friday… Normally shopping is a relaxing moment and in this video it is the opposite… These people will do anything to buy something…


  8. I could never have imagined that people could be so violent, this is serious that people are willing to fight for shopping . They are so frenzied . I now understand why it is called the Black Friday


  9. Black Friday, what a world! Before seeing this video about this day in class I would never have thought that in America or in another country this could happen.
    People are violent, aggressive, it’s shameful! The question is, why did they do that? The answer is really simple, because they want to have the perfect deal… They act like ”animals” when they want to eat prey..
    The problem is Black Friday is synonym of : the offspring of chaos and madness, but Why deal with that when you can simply stay at home and relax?
    Added to that, those deals that are incredible, they could be made by some really dangerous substances, or they can have the same price that the day before, who knows? There are deals all year long, we just have to wait for the next sales and buy the product that we want, it’s so simple.
    It’s just a business idea, just because it’s the day after Thanksgiving,so it’s the perfect moment to buy for Christmas, so people spend and spend a lot of money,
    Thanksgiving is ”normally” a family meeting, a celebration day, but when some stores open at 6:00 pm the day of Thanksgiving those poor workers couldn’t spend this awesome time with their family.. I hope I’m never in this situation.
    So to conclude, as far as I am concerned, I think that Black Friday isn’t worth it.


  10. I would never have imagined that consumers could became so brutal and destructive.
    They became blind , they focus only on big deals. People are able to fight so they can buy a products and find the best deals, that’s so insane.
    In my opinion, when I saw the video and read the text about the employee who was killed by the shoppers who broke down the door , they have to stop the Black Friday.
    I know it’s good for the economy of the stores and big companies but when we have such big consequences like murder and violence maybe it would be better if they stopped it.
    People are determined they are waiting next to the stores so they can be the first person in line , without pity or compassion they broke down everything and act like animals to buy what ? TV , Dolls ? They don’t even enjoy shopping that’s so bad.


  11. Personally, I think the black Friday is very dangerous because the people are very violent and aggressive. They are so aggressive that they injured people and also babies. I have never seen people like that. I think that shopping is a relaxing moment but in this video I don’t see the reason people are so passionate about shopping. It’s crazy!!


  12. i would never have thought that black friday would be destruction and chaos i wish i hadn’t seen those video because they made me hate black fridays. For me it was a very good shopping day, what a pity


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