This is for the students at the Lycée Français Agadir in the 2nde class.  For each unit,  I will create a page for you to read, listen and write.  You should get your avatar so you can start commenting on the posts.  This will be part of your classwork. Enjoy!

To refer to our syllabus for this year, just click on the link below:

2nde progression annuelle 2015 2016

2 thoughts on “2-2nde

  1. I think homeschooling is the best because:
    -you feel relaxed and safe.
    -It helps concentrate more on your homework or lessons.
    -it’s easy to apdate youre timetable.
    but in homeschooling you can’t:
    -copletely inderstand lessons ans exercices alone.
    -and you feel more lonely.


  2. As far as I am concerned, parents shouldn’t reprimand their children severely or force them to leave a habit which most teenagers share. However, They should adopt an intelligent attitude and pratical means of persuation to minimise the time their children spend in front of TV, lap-top screens or smart phones. Addiction to hi-tech gadgets is not easy to get rid of. Parents can’t expect their chidren to drop a habit if they, themselves, don’t show the way. Parents may suggest spending a few with their children in the country where they can go trecking for example or do some voluntary work which makes them useful and helpful to others. They may also encourage them to attend a sports club or engage in activities such as music, painting, dancing or acting. If things don’t improve. They should consult an expert in children’s addiction.


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