Sequence 2 – Your Perfect School

In this sequence we are going to look at the differences between American and English Schools.


Here are some good articles that explain it well:

Learn about comparatives, do some exercises:

Watch this:

49ea24fb6bf0a1fc1ce38966f41fb69eWould you like to go to this kind of school?

What do you know about all girls schools? all boys schools? Are co-ed schools better?

What do you know about home schooling?


4 thoughts on “Sequence 2 – Your Perfect School

  1. The movies lead us to believe that american high schools aren’t strict at all but very very cool. Also that the teachers are cool, funny and sometimes crazy, that they don’t punish you and don’t give you homework but it’s false. In reality american high schools are just like all other high schools in the world.


  2. In my opinion, I think homeschooling is the best alternative school you can try. It gives you more time to do creative things and having a spiritual time with yourself. Some of the students in private or public schools don’t feel good about themselves anymore. Made it the atmosphere or maybe the bullies but being home schooled can help the students win their confidence all over again and become stronger and more open to the world.


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