Sequence 3 – Green Art


This month we are learning how to analyse an image.  We are also looking at how we can debate certain controversial subjects.  The vocabulary from this lesson is based on the environment and the effects of pollution on the earth.

Vocabulary – ENVIRONMENT

Take a look at these images, what do you think?

346357_pvLJGrveS_Zga75zcXQHpq_NO 346357_Whc2utKDXXv7GUus3B28eXZqh environmental_poster_2_by_LauraDollie

Watch Martin Powell recite his poem:

THESE methods will certainly help you.

Analyzing an image:

  1. Identify the type of image : cartoon, poster, drawing, painting, photo, mural
  2. Explain what you see: on the left, on the right, in the middle, at the top, at the bottom
  3. Explain the message and the hidden meaning that the author wants us to understand.
  4. Who is the audience and why are they targeted?
  5. Is this message effective?

Entering into a debate

  1. Listen to your opponent
  2. Give the opponent time to develop
  3. Re-formulate
  4. Emphasize your ideas with body language, your voice and eye contact
  5. Ask someone to repeat
  6. Give your opinion

 Watch this:

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