Sequence 4 – Geeks


        Banksy – the graffiti artist – criticising our culture

This month we will work on our reading skills.

What can you do to improve your reading comprehension?

Here are a few tips:

  1. GUESS   Look at the visual clues before reading.   What do they tell you about what you are about to read?
  2. Read the story, don’t focus on the words you don’t know.
  3. Activate prior knowledge (what do you know about this subject?)
  4. Use context clues to help you infer meaning of the words you don’t understand
  5. Identify the KEY WORDS
  6. Visualize the story, what do you see (you can draw what you have understood if it will help you understand better)
  7. Summarize all of this using a mind map
  8. Tell someone about the story in your own words, summarize using the mind  map or write a summary.  Always re-use the information you learned about in one way or another.

Visit this page to WRITE A LETTER:

Unit 7 – GEEKS

Analyze this cartoon:

'Dad! Dad! Dad!!. . . We lost our signal.'

  • Who?  Where?  When?  What?
  • What is the cartoonist’s goal?
  • Do you find it funny?  Why or why not?

Read this article and put the reading strategies to practice:

  • What problems are parents confronted with?
  • Write a comment on the website to give your opinion and to give some advice to the parents.

Listen to Placebo, “Too Many Friends”

  1. What has the writer decided to do?
  2. List the arguments given to explain his decision.
  3. Do you share the narrator’s point of view in the chorus?  Why or why not?

What do you know about Silicon Valley? 

What do you know about David Karp – a prodigy?


Instagram founder Kevin Systrom:

29 thoughts on “Sequence 4 – Geeks

  1. It’s ridiculous that our children are addicted to phones….And they say like “ohh it’s horrible how they lived before,without technology?”. I just want to say like “THEY LIVED BETTER THAN US!!” Because, they don’t think about just…Facebook or Twitter…or sending e-mails or messages….they had time to LIVE! So my advice to parents is, buy a phone but without internet (if you don’t want to let your children be like a “geek”) because they will use Facebook,Instagram and Snapchat…because a phone is to call and for anything else …… there is the computer! 😉 😀

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  2. In my opinion parents should let their children use the internet because it is part of their life now ! We live in the 21st century , WE are the future generation and in the future , the internet will play a bigger roll than it does now !!

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  3. In my opinion, parents have to let their children use the internet , but they must verify what
    they do …

    They can also buy a phone for their children , if they have the right age ..

    Technology is important and mostly essential in our generation, we use it to do homework, talk to people, travel , search for places to eat and other things …

    I think that you have to let your children use their smartphones when they want except for the time for homework !! If he wants to use the internet to work, he must use computers to be controlled .
    During the holidays, your children can have access to internet a little more time than the school period , this is normal .. but they mustn’t spend all day in his tablet 😀
    He can spend time doing activities like sports , going out with friends . But don’t forget homework .!!
    For people who are addicted to their phones , they must find a solution for this problem , because in my opinion it’s dangerous. Ttry to reduce the use of the phone or maybe talk to someone how may have the same problem as you and try to find a solution ..

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  4. My opinion will be quite strange. I have never had a cellphone. People have laughed at me because I didn’t have one and I still do without it. I think cellphones have a bad influence on teenagers. Like I every time that I meet my family, they are all on their cellphones. In my view, how you use the phone is the big question. Cellphones don’t have to be the principal thing in your life: look aroud you ! Look there are so many things to discover and you are saying: “I can see it on Google maps or in Google Images”. I think that it’s not your cellphone that will make you work and have a good pay ! Parents don’t have to forbid it. They just have to control it and make their children realize the consequences of using them in the wrong way.

    I mean yesterday, my cousin came to me and said, ” Oh there is a new application that makes your phone fart ! I wish they would make it smell ! ”
    And I thought to myself, “It’s crazy, the more the cellphones get intelligent, the more the people become stupid !”


  5. Today, we can not live without the internet. In some countries, it is a right. Times change like cultures, we must go with the flow, internet can make the world better, we don’t have to just think about the negative points. So parents have to let their children — make their own choices and be responsible. One day or another, your children will be independent and you won’t be able to stop them.


  6. I’ve just read the about David Karp and I find it very interesting. David Karp is very influential in the world of technology and has done a lot of things (tumblr for example) even if he’s young (28 years old). I find him intelligent and creative, he’s a genius. It must be difficult to have so much responsibility at his age.


  7. I think David Karp is a genius and he is the youngest most influential person in the world : he is only 28 and he is rich and popular but he dropped out of his studies and it’s amazing !The most important is the morale : never stop working and go live !


  8. David Karp is very smart, he created a platform called Tumbler. He has done a lot of things despite his young age but I won’t take him as an example because he quit school and he was a hacker. Not everybody has his intelligence, some poeple would think that they should do the same things as he did and will be as lucky as him but they are wrong. I still respect him though for his work.


  9. David Karp is a genius. He proves that if you have a dream, and you strongly believe in it, you can succeed. At the age of 11, he was designing websites for businesses, while we had trouble doing basic math exercices. He’s smart, he knows what he’s doing. And now, he’s 28, his net worth exceeds $200 million, and Tumblr has been valued at $800 million. He’s an example for everyone ! And he deserves it !

    But even if that proves (again) that you don’t need school to succeed in life, Karp is a special case. Going to school gives you A LOT more chances to succeed in life, and I don’t think that really needs to be proved.


  10. David Karp is just incredible, he became CEO at 21 years old only, just like Steven Paul Jobs.
    I share what Camelia said, «  It must be difficult to have so much responsibility at his age. », because at that age there, we are still too young to be CEO…
    But it’s a good thing as the CEO of Tumblr, he can see the great difficulties when one is CEO. We’ll see if this story will continue smoothly.


  11. I think, like a lot of other people, that Karp is a model of success, dedication and talent. I can’t imagine that, at my age, he had left school and started working on computer programming while people like me find huge difficulties in just trying to understand how a calculator works …
    But, to my mind, he is a VERY rare case. I mean he’s a genius, he took risks and built what about a hundred people couldn’t do in their whole life. I admire this man for his sense of responsibility, his dedication and his talent. He’s a model for every child. But don’t misunderstand the meaning of that … staying at school is still a much better and mature decision for the majority of us. But you never know, ” None but us can free our minds ” !


  12. In my opinion, David Karp it´s a person so intelligent. He stop school at the age of 15 years old to do what he loves. For me everyone should do what he likes and follow his destiny and that´s David Karp did and the result is that he is the founder and CEO of Tumblr


  13. David Karp is very, very intelligent. He created tumblr which shows how talented he is. I admire him because he started working at 11 years old. He is the youngest and most influencial person in the world. He had a dream and he made it come true. He is very smart and he is a hard-worker. Everyone should take him as en example. Now he is a millionaire and he owns a big company, he deserves it.


  14. This guy is an extraterrestrial …
    He started working young and he created TUMBLR .. what an exemple for kids & also adults !! There is no doubt that we’ll hear from this guy in the coming years !


  15. In my opinion parents should let their children use the internet.
    Technology is important in our génération, we use it to do homework or talk to people.
    Internet can be a good or bad thing. But it still useful. My advice would be to limit access to the Internet during the school periods.


    • I think that internet is a good thing for the new generation because we use it to do many things like working for school, talking with friends doing some resaerch or watching a good movie during but we should reduce acces to internet during school because it’s not always a good thing when we use it too much.


  16. Technology is important nowdays. Everybody use cellphones , whether it’s the children, the adults or the elders. We, students need cellphones to do researches for our homework, or to talk with our friends. It’s an essential element for studies and for communication. I think that the phone is very useful so parents should let their kids use it but in moderation . Of course it also have negative effects for example for the eyes so my advice would be to reduce the time of use of the phone.


  17. Technology is very important nowdays. Everybody use cellphones whethers it’s the children, the adults or the elders. The students need them to do researches for homework or to talk with their friends. It’s an essential element for studies and for communication. I think that parents should let their children use it but in moderation. Of course it also have negative effects for example for the eyes so my advice would be to reduce the time of use of the telephone.


  18. I think it’s ridiculously exaggerated to think technology is ruining our lives. Ever since technology has been around, life has become so much easier for everybody. No one can deny it. Let’s face it: Would anyone rather look through thousands of pages and manuscripts for information instead of finding it with a few clicks on the Internet? Would anybody rather buy paper, ink, envelopes, and write a letter just to communicate with somebody instead of dialing a number or sending a quick text through social media? The answer is no. Nobody would. Life is much more practical today with technology. Of course, we should not abuse this power, but we should not ban it completely either. It required decades of hard work and evolution to be where we are now, and it is wonderful to see how much we’ve improved. Many parents don’t understand that. They think it’s taking over our lives and making us addicted. If they made us use our time more efficiently, it wouldn’t be that way. Incredible things have happened through the Internet. People have met, relationships have flourished, friendship was born, a whole circle of socialization and marketing was brought out of this little tech-sphere!
    Set boundaries, not cages.


  19. I Believe that some childrens are addicted to technologie and because of it they don tapent Time with their familys .
    But sometimes it’s the parents fault they are aléas on their phone and watching Tv so they dont talk to their children i think the both of them (parents and children)
    Have to stop this so the génération After y’a wouldnt have to send each others emails to talk.


  20. In my opinion some kids are always on their phone they’re always on the new technologie and they don’t spent time with their family ,and it’s bad.
    But sometimes it’s the parents fault because they are always ont heure phone too or they are always watching Tv so they dont have family Time, and i think that that is a bad thing and i think that the children and the parents have to Make some thing to change that


  21. I personnaly think that the internet can have a bad impact on people, but it can also help them in a lot of things; their studies, their work, communication with people all around the world. The internet today has become an important part of our lives and cultures. The parents should let their children use the internet, but with moderation and a limit time. We should make the internet a useful thing not something dangerous for our bodies or health


  22. in my opinion the internet has brought with it both positive and negative effects to society: It is easier to do research,there is a great possibility to earn while working from home…but Children, young adults and even adults can get addicted to games online,chat,youtube…


  23. Personnaly, I think that you can’t really separate a teen and his phone. Today, technologie have a big inpacte in the world. It can help in your work and a loads of things that adults can’t really understand. You know, we always want to know what is happening all around the world. But sometimes, we forget to focus on what’s happening in our lifes. Internet is also dangerous. You can meet someone but you don’t really know who’s this person you’re talking with everyday. Have you ever heard about internet criminals ? This is why sometimes, you have to be carefull. Internet changed the world, and you can’t really change this. I think that one day, you and your child should have a real conversation, explain him what really is “Internet”.


  24. In my view, technology has made life easier. People can make researches easierly, communicate with others faster. It’s very useful for lots of things with Internet or applications. But, I can’t help thinking that Internet is also very dangerous. If I was a parent, I wouldn’t let my children on social medias because i don’t know who they are talking to and they need to go out and play with their friends, or if they are teenagers, have fun with them instead of staying all day on their phones. Some people think that virtual friends are better than real ones, and it can be sometimes. But if you have real friends, it’s better to go out with them, have a real life instead of a virtual life. We can check our messages in the morning, do some researches in the evening, listen to music and stuff. But not stay all day long scotched to the screen. Or else, we’ll become addicted and it’ll be much harder to keep away technology from us. And we won’t be doing anything interesting of our lives. I definitely think that technology can be very good, but very bad too.


  25. In my opinion, the Internet can be good and bad because people can become addict and the cyber bullying exist because of it. The internet can also be good because we can stay in contact with our friends and family, we can do research easily, we can see our grades and see our homeworks on it.
    So we can’t forbidden the internet from the teenagers of today because they need it to talk to their friends and do their homeworks.


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