Sequence 6 – City in the Sky

In this sequence we will be writing.  We will also be learning about NYC.

Method for writing an article to promote something:

  • Stay factual, don’t go away from the truth.
  • Use adjectives that speak to you (stay away from boring adjectives) – look here : d02ebe05c57b039ed0d3d5420c548bdf
  • Use the present tense when writing about characteristics, truths and things that won’t change.
  • Present your ideas so that we are interested. Try to charm us with your words so that we will want to read more.
  • Convince us!

Method for writing a letter:

Read this:


Bright Lights, Energetic, Eclectic, Attractive, Modern, Contemporary, Artistic, Creative, Ground-breaking, At the forefront, Lively, Bigger than life, Enormous, Breathtaking, Fashionable, Intelligent, Mesmerising

New York City’s five boroughs are home to some of the world’s most recognizable, cherished landmarks and attractions. From Times Square and Central Park to the Empire State Building and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the island of Manhattan packs more famous icons into one compact area than any other place on earth; and that’s to say nothing of the City’s four other boroughs—The BronxBrooklynQueens and Staten Island—each of which contains its own roster of must-see destinations. With so much to see and do, a trip to NYC may seem a little overwhelming. To help, we’ve rounded up attractions that belong on any visitor’s to-see list. Since the City’s full breadth of activities is virtually limitless, be sure to visit our complete list of tours and attractions for more ideas.

Go visit Welcome to NY

Watch Taylor Swift talking promoting NYC:

Learn about how immigrants were processed through Ellis Island:

Write a letter back home to your family as if you were an immigrant who had travelled across the ocean and passed through ELLIS Island.

Use this method to write a letter:

How to write a letter/email:

Watch the video for NEW YORK by Alicia Keys….. Leave a comment as to why you like the song:



28 thoughts on “Sequence 6 – City in the Sky

  1. I’d like to say just a word…but after thinking it’ll be enough to tell how much I love New York. It’s just the way where you can be yourself, really. You are not judged by people and even if you don’t have a plan you will find one in this big city as my favourite artist said (Taylor Swift).
    I love New York even if I haven’t even seen it. All the big movies are based on this city. I love it. It’s a city where my idols live and where all my dreams will maybe come true !


  2. Hello
    My name is Rayan I am 15yo.
    Firstly I love New York, it’s a very attractive city and so impressive.
    I am here to choose one district and I will choose, ” Chinatown”. Why Chinatown? Because I love this place it’s very beautiful.
    This area has integrated Chinese traditional culture
    And folk culture. Finally I just love traditional and chinese food .
    Thank for reading my comments.
    good bye


  3. Mrs Liberty’s biography

    Do you know one of the more beautiful ladies, (more than Rihanna) that has had one of the biggest impacts in NYC, more than even pop music ?

    It’s Lady Liberty. About one million visitors per year. That’s a tall lady! She is the tallest statue in the United States of America and one of the tallest in the world. with about 305 feet (93 m). In this blue sky Mrs Liberty attracts all the eyes on her. Do you know who her parents were?
    It was Mrs. France and Mrs. America. Yeah ! It’s the baby between them too.

    After the war of Independence, France sent a gift to America. What a big gift ! She was divided into 214 to be rebuilt in New York City on her island that the famous architect, Mr Eiffel, chose it as her new home. There is no doubt that this was big baby (630 kilos).

    You’ll say that Mrs Liberty doesn’t have the colours of her two parents. Did you know that she was like the colour of a penny. But she became green with the time.

    So, now, you can visit Mrs Liberty and climb the 142 steps that separe you from the beautiful vision and panorama on her crown.

    Have a good day visiting it !


  4. Lady Liberty :
    Do you know what the tallest statue in the USA is?
    So let me tell you about Lady Liberty. In fact the famous statue of Liberty is the tallest in the USA and one of the tallest in the world !
    It was built in 1886 in France by a French sculptor named Gustave Eiffel. It took 9 years to build and it’s 305 feet tall : there are 142 steps from her base to the crown. But wait a second ! How could a statue that is as high as that could come from France to New York ? Well, it was cut in pieces and brought in ships to New York, it took 214 crates ! Then it took 4 months to put the Statue back together in Liberty island.
    Every year millions of visitors come to see Lady Liberty. It represents the symbol of freedom, opportunity and also it’s a celebration of the friendship between France and the USA.
    So what do you think about french technology now ? Not bad, is it ?


  5. The Statue of Liberty, also known as Lady Liberty, is known throughout world. Millions of visitors are ready to claim the 142 stairs. It took 9 years to be built by a french sculptor. Lady Liberty symbolizes the celebration of the friendship between the United States of America and France. This statue is the tallest one in the United States of America. It was the first thing the immigrants saw when they came to America. For them it was the symbol of opportunites and freedom. I know most people don’t know why it’s green, well it’s made of copper and through the years it oxydized and turned green.


  6. Statue of Liberty
    This huge statue was built in 1886 by a French sculptor : Gustave Eiffel. Lady Liberty is a gift from France to the Usa. It took 9 years to build and 4 months to put it back together. This statue is the symbol of freedom, opportunity and friendship between France and the Usa. This monument which is situated on Liberty Island receives one millions visitors a year. It’s one of the tallest statues on earth, 93 m, 142 steps : it’s the first thing that the tourists see when they come to New York.


  7. *sound of radio*
    Hi guys! welcome to American Radio,today we are gonna talking about America!
    Do you know one of the tallest statues in the world?
    Yeah! It’s the STATUE OF LIBERTY! You must know that the Statue of Liberty is a gift of France to the USA for a friendship. A million visiters want to visit it a year! It is composed of copper. She was designed by Gustave Eiffel in 1886 for over 9 years! You can find her on “Liberty Island”,in New-york
    So thank you for you attention,and see you soon!
    *sound of radio*


  8. You know maybe the Statue of Liberty, but do you know the symbolic story of this statue?
    In nineteen century,(1870) France wanted to give a gift to the U.S.A to celebrate the centennial of the Independence of the United States, the tablet in the hand of the statue is the Declaration of Independence with the date of this event written on this tablet. In the 1880’s, the French sculptor and his country began the construction on this statue. Six years later, the statue arrived in New York Harbor. After that, this statue became the symbol of a very good relationship with the USA and France. And today, it’s the symbol of the American Culture’s and especially of the liberty and the emancipation against the oppression, two of the most important principles of America.


  9. What do you know about the Statue of Liberty?
    The Statue of liberty is also known as Lady liberty. It was built in 1886 in France. This gorgeous piece of art took 9 years to finish, and was designed by a French artist, Gustave Eiffel. This amazing man, offered this gift to America, to represent their Friendship. It took 4 months to bring it to New York in crates and pieces.
    Do you know that it’s the tallest statue in America? ” Lady liberty “is 93 meters and has 142 steps. The green color is due to her materiel that is made of copper.
    It’s obvious, that this famous statue has millions of visitors every year. Now that you know about lady liberty’s history, don’t you want to visit it?


  10. What do you know about the Statue Of Liberty ?
    So let’s talk about the Statue Of Liberty which is also called the Lady Liberty. She is located on Liberty Island , in New York City. It was a French sculptor , Gustave Eiffel who built the statue. It took him 9 years ! Do you imagine ? And after all this years he gave it as a gift to americans. It’s like if you taking 9 years to made someone’s gift. Whatever let’s get back to the main subject. So it takes 214 crates to transport the statue. One time the Lady Liberty arrived to New York it took 4 months to put it together. There is 142 steps inside and it measure’s 305 feet. The statue was the first thing the millions of immigrants saw whent they arrived for the first time to New York. So for them the Lady Liberty was a welcoming symbol of freedom and opportunity. I advice you all to go and visit the Statue Of Liberty because it’s one of the principal symbol in New York and in the whole world. I’m sure you won’t regret it.


  11. Firstly, a Lady Liberty is a statue in New York City who was built in 1986. She is the tallest statue in USA. It’s the first thing you saw on the boat when you arrived in the NY harbour. It measures 305 feet. Her symbols is freedom and opportunity. It is a true masterpiece.


  12. Did you know her ? It’s the tallest statue in New York …
    It’s the Statue of Liberty !!
    We also say the Lady Liberty, is situated on Liberty Island in New York harbour . She was created in France by the engineer Frederic Gustave Eiffel in 1886 as a symbol of friendship.
    It took 9 years to create this beautiful statue.
    She’s a symbol of welcoming, freedom and opportunity to New York
    But, how they did they move her from France to the USA ?
    Moving the statue was hard, they divide the statue in many parts to cross the Atlantic Ocean .
    It’s the one of the most beautiful and amazing statue in the world , she’s a symbol for America she’s the Statue of Liberty !


  13. This statue was built by Gustave Eiffel in 1686, in France. 9 years was necessary to build this statue and 4 months in the United States of America! ( It’s funny no?)
    The nickname of this statue is Lady Liberty. It was a gift from Fance to the U.S.A. for the celebration of the friendship between us. It measures 305 feet, equivalent to 93 meters for those who do not understand the US measure …: P
    It’s a symbol, for immigrants, of liberty and a better life.


  14. Let me introduce New York’s most famous woman : Lady Liberty. She has many other names, like “the Statue of Liberty” or “Liberty Enlightening the World” … The statue, designed by Gustave Eiffel (who’s also behind the Eiffel tower), a French sculptor and dedicated on October 28, 1886, was a gift to the United States from the people of France. The two countries have always been good friends, at least since the Independence war. The statue represents Libertas, the Roman goddess of freedom, who handles a torch and a tablet evoking the law upon which is inscribed the date of the American Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776. A broken chain lies at her feet. The statue is made of copper, which turned green when it oxydized. The statue is an icon of freedom and of the United States: a welcoming signal to immigrants arriving from abroad.

    It took 9 years to build it in France, then they had to disassemble it in more than 2000 pieces. It took 4 months to put it back together on Liberty Island.

    Today. millions of visitors dare to climb up its 142 stairs (the statue is 93 meters tall !). When it was built, it was one of the tallest buildings in the world !


  15. Have you ever heard of the “Statue of Liberty” ? :O

    It’s one of the most beautiful places of New York City and is located on Liberty Island. But there is something in this place which is even more amazing ! Over there stands the most majestic and the tallest statue of the United States of America. It was a pure création and conception of a French sculptor, Gustave Eiffel built in 1886. As a gift from the French to the Americans, this National monument represents and symbolizes the freedom from Tyranny. The statue was also to be a symbol of welcome for all immigrants coming to America. There are a million every year. Visitors have to climb 142 stairs to reach the statue’s crown, and they are happy to pay to see the inside of the Lady Statue !
    But the question is how did they carry this massive statue from France to New York ?
    So they cut the statue into pieces to were able to carry the lady in New York, only it took 4 months to put back together the statue in perfect condition.


  16. what do you know about lady liberty ?
    not that much huh ?
    well let me tell you about it ,lady liberty is actually french but has been given as a gift to the U.S.A to celebrate french and americans friend ship she has been built by Gustave Eiffel the famous sculptor
    that made the Eiffel tower . He built it in 1886 and it took him 9yrs to finish it.She is pretty right? And that skin ton well it comes from the oxidation of the copper she has bee made of.She’s very tall 305 feet which is equal to 93 meters.It took 214 crates to be transported to the USA their are 142 steps inside of it. The Statue of Liberty was the first thing immigrants saw when they arrived in the USA. She corresponds to freedom and new opportunities .


  17. About “New York” by Alicia Keys :

    I like this song mainly beceause of Keys’ voice, it’s beautiful and very pleasent to listen. But the lyrics also are good, the artist worked hard to make a description of NYC that fits with the reality, and I think that she succeeded : she describes famous places that everyone wants to see, how in this city you can make your dreams come true even if it’s hard, and it also describes the bad parts of the city (“on the corner selling rock”, “ladies work so hard”).

    This song makes us travel without moving from morocco !


  18. I’d love the music New York by Alicia Keys “Empire State of Mind” !!
    This song is just magnifique and emotional . She talks about new york globally ,with quote Brooklyn Bridge and Broadway .


  19. I love the song “Empire state of mind” because when I went to New York the last summer, I have listen this song many times.
    So, when I listen this song, I remember the best holidays of my life ever: the shopping in the Fifth Avenue, the ballad in Central Park, the visit of amazing museums, the joke with my friends in the street.
    For me, New York is that and when I listen this song, I would like to return in New York because this city misses me.


  20. Personally, I really love the song ! The melody is veary pleasant, the piano matches with the voice, and the lyrics are great. It really is a great way to show New York’s greatness and unicity. Really if I could, I would listen to it for the whole day.


  21. The song “Empire State Of Mind” from Alicia Keys is really good. I like the beat. The lyrics represents well New York and the american dream. By this song , Alicia Keys is explaining us how magical is New York. She describe the city like a unique place where all you’re dreams can come true.


  22. Alicia Keys and Empire State of Mind:

    There is so much to say about this song.
    Firs of all, it was interpreted many times in all the countries in the world and all the progams too:
    And so many othe countries and I hope that we will do the same here

    Secondly, as you can see in all this perfomances this song bring joy and happiness ! When you sing it you feel something special and so incredible. It’s impossible to exprim it !

    Finally, for the rappers’ lovers, this song was re-worked by Jay Z that made a featuring with Alicia Keys. I love this featuring. Just listen to this song with your headphones and you will feel so good
    I love this song and I’m sure that you’ll love it as I do !


  23. I’d like to say a word about the song New York by Alicia Keys.
    Well, I find it very realistic, when she says “ladies works so hard” and “someone sleeps tonight with a hunger for more than an empty fridge”. She doesn’t hide the truth because New York is a beautiful city of course, but it’s not easy to live in it.
    Alicia Keys talks about all the aspects of the city, and that’s what I love in this song ; it makes it authentic.
    I also like the rythme 😀


  24. This song makes me happy. I just adore it. In my opinion, The lyrics are se powerful and It makes you want to go and visit New York. This song is based on reality of what we would expect this place to be. She is proud to be from NY. And not only that, she sings about the bad side of it as well as the bright side . And adding to that Alicia keys has a beautiful voice.


  25. The Alycia keys’s song is great. She speaks about New York and the lyrics are incredible. The rhythm of the song is so amazing . The singer has a beautiful voice. I love this song. New york !!!!


  26. I love the song Empire State of mind from Alicia keys because the lyrics of the song have been made by a true NewYorker and not by some stranger that just liked the city it made by someone who knows the city , who lived in it and knows it. The song has a great rythm and a very entertaining chorus it just takes you with the flow. Alicia managed to only speak the truth in her song and it probably what I like the most cause we don’t want to think that if someday we go to New York , life will be easy ’cause it just won’t and at least with this song we know what to expect and not to get our hopes too high .


  27. The song alicia Keys “Empire State Of Mind” is perhaps an emotional song like so many others, but this one in particular is more emotional, she relates, in particular, when the supreme happiness is located in New York! And do not talk of her voice, which is, quite rightly beautiful ❤


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