Need to know: Scotland, unicorns and “the bearded troll that is Great Britain”

“Should Scotland be an independent country?” is a question Scots answered “no” to this week. Why did Scotland consider breaking up with the UK? Who else has stopped being British over the past few centuries? And what’s the deal with Scottish unicorns, anyway? 3 ideas behind the news.

Source: “Scottish referendum explained for non-Brits,” the Guardian, 2014.
Why you should watch this animation: If your world geography knowledge ends with “Italy is shaped like a boot,” this animated primer is for you. From how to find Scotland on a map — “Scotland is the crazy hat worn by the bearded troll that is Great Britain” — to Scotland’s torrid past with England, this cheeky animation will get you up to speed on the history behind Scotland’s vote to become an independent country.

Source: “This map shows all the countries that have declared independence from the British,” Global Post, 2014.
Why you should marvel at this map:

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