Watch Out Google Glass, Smart Shoes Are On The Way | TIME

Watch Out Google Glass, Smart Shoes Are On The Way | TIME.


16 thoughts on “Watch Out Google Glass, Smart Shoes Are On The Way | TIME

  1. Firstly, I enjoy being here to leave a comment on your blog.
    So I hope to be the first who will leave comment ! 🙂
    Today technology evolves , after the creation of Smartphones , Computers , processors etc..,
    we’ve got new ideas, like google glasses and smart shoes.

    It’s a good concept, in my opinion , but not essential.

    For me I think it’s not going to change the technological environnement , like phones or computer’s.

    It’s all for me , good bye 🙂


    • I don’t agree with you Soulaimane , In my opinion the world of technology has to go forward and create new things. The people are waiting for new innovations , it’s not just about bringing new electronic devices on the market but it’s about showing ideas and how scientists and engineers want to make life easier with there creations ! Maybe they will invent something that will change our lives more than computers and phones do. Who knows !!?😬


  2. I have to admit it’s pretty smart. The shoes look simple they are wearable but they are not very extravagant. The question is, are they necessary ? I don’t think so. The glasses seem like a very interesting object but they are just small computers that you can hang on your ear.

    The world of technology is constantly in progress which is a good thing but I hope that the world of medicine knows the same progress. All of these objects aren’t phenomenal they are not saving lives or changing the world. There are probably people that will buy them but in my opinion these objects won’t have the same impact as smartphones or other computers.


  3. It’s amazing how technology evolves ! Gadgets are now everywhere, and everyday we get closer to the future that we see in Sci-Fi movies ! Those “smart shoes” seem useless though : a 4 year old smartphone can already do all its features, and it could do it better (there are countless free apps that add smart and interesting features, like a virtual coach that entertains you and encourages you during your training, gives you advice about your diet …) !

    I’m sure that there will be a lot of people that will buy these, just to show of, and big companies know that. A device becomes way more expensive if there is a bitten apple on it, even with the same performance !

    Anyway, it would be great if science focused more on curing cancer or finding a way to eradicate hunger in the world.

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  4. This article shows how fast technology evolves. But these shoes aren’t a new concept, this Indian man just uses what already exists in smartphones. I think that this shoe idea is a little bit stupid because you will still have your phone on you. It’s just a way to make people spend money on something which isn’t an incredible invention.


  5. Google Shoes… Shoes that calculate our energy expenditure. And then what? It’s nothing… But the problem is today, we have different technology like watches. ( The Apple Watch will be available in early 2015…)

    These shoes are not a real innovation for me. The watches are exactly the same things and more.
    Really, shoes … Where is the world heading to? …


  6. In my opinion, the world is developing quickly. But I also think that high-tech shoes are “too much”. It’s very good to create and develop new ideas but it’s not necessary to have smart shoes. The development of the shoe is not necessary in our world. I think that there are others preoccupations that are much more important. In my view this isn’t an interesting project it’s not phenomenal. Technology is in perpetual progress but other areas have to progress as well. I’m sure that people will buy these shoes and I may buy it but it will be just a new fashion or it will be useless. I disagree with this project.


  7. This article/ this video is really interesting. We see how technology can grow so fast. Like Sarah said, these shoes aren’t the first model of this technology but the difference between those two models is the price which is the least expensive.
    But, at the same time, you’ll see that these shoes make people addicted to technology and now humans will do anything to not do things on their own ! It’s clear that these shoes don’t help us because the phone is still present. I mean if you want to see how much you walked there is a bracelet for about 100 dhs who did the same as these shoes.
    I mean that, in my view, this is just a way to make people pay for something. These objects are not something INCREDIBLE . No. They are just a way to make people pay and lazy.


  8. Hello everyone !
    Well, I just watched the video like you all did and I have to say that I totally agree with my dear friend Hamza.
    It’s true that technology has progressed a lot these past years and decades. Humans first created computers, micro-processors, Internet and then technology got to a whole new level with the creation of smartphones, smart watches or glasses … I have to say that technology is bringing our planet to a futuristic place, which we have all dreamed of watching Sci-fi movies, etc.
    But, I join Hamza in saying that all of those inventions have made us a bit addicted to all of those new features, even if they are useless. Seriously, do people buy the new Iphone because of the new important features it brings, or just to show off with friends, collegues, etc. ? We all know the answer. We have to stop all of that dumb money spending and, as Apple said, we have to ” Think different “.
    To my mind, smart shoes make no exception. It’s totally useless,a smartphone already does all of the things it does. If people buy this, it’s just to show off and I don’t think everyone has enough money to spend on useless things like those shoes.
    Thank you for reading my comment, it’s all for me 😀


  9. In my opinion we don’t need this. Smart shoes ? Just to be connected all day everywhere we go. Even if it counts our steps or i don’t know, is it really necessary ? I think sometimes forgetting about our little smart machines can be good for our health. Those little machines are always disturbing our minds. Have you thought about the electromagnetic waves ?
    I admit, those shoes could be helpful and it shows the evolution of technology, but for me it’s a waste of money. We can use all of the progress to invent faster planes or medical machines, things that could truly change our future.


  10. Good morning everyone,
    To my mind, this new concept is not a real revolution. We can find the same services in other more interesting gadgets like I-watch which will be on sale next year.

    In my opinion, we always have to ask this question : Is it necessary ?? NO.
    So we can do without it, we should control our lives. Technology evolves quickly, it invades this sad world everyday.
    Like Youness said, people buy this to show off, every one wants to be out of the ordinary. I also agree with Camelia about her last point, we can use our money for progress in something like medical developments or transport.


  11. Hi everyone
    Firstly I read every comment I agree with all your comments . I agree with the Soulaimane’s comment that said that technology evolves.
    Certainly google glasses and smartshoes are very interesting but not essential for life .
    Thank you for your attention .
    good bye everyone !!!


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