Fleeing To Dismal Swamp, Slaves And Outcasts Found Freedom : NPR

8263420592_f00e1ca476_o_wide-22c8a6d82a8b008b81c91752fc43f0d06326f700-s800-c85Fleeing To Dismal Swamp, Slaves And Outcasts Found Freedom : NPR.


13 thoughts on “Fleeing To Dismal Swamp, Slaves And Outcasts Found Freedom : NPR

  1. For me it’s really hard to imagine this, I can’t believe that slaves had to support all that pain because of their skin color. But it’s the truth…
    To escape from slavery they went to countries where there were’nt nobody, because any human on earth would like to live there, but slaves HAD to ; to save their freedom, their family, to become freemen, to get back their rights, or simply : to live as a human and not as an object or an animal.
    The places where they lived when they were hidden were very hostile. There were like wild animals, they had to find their own food, there was nobody to help them, they had to confront the dangers of the nature. It must had been extremly difficult for them. They were not LIVING, they were SURVIVING to keep their freedom and not be reduce to nothing !


  2. It’s quite impressive how they managed to “survive” in such hostile place ! But it was better than slavery, without a doubt.

    We can be glad to be free ! It’s only when you loose something that you realize its value !


  3. I really felt emotional and impressed reading this. I mean, this place, Dismal Swamp actually was slave’s Eldorado ! Even though it was very dangerous, with a lot of snakes, bears, and mosquitoes, slaves prefered getting there instead of escaping north !
    The thing I was really impressed of was the slave who fought so hardly to be able to buy his freedom and who decided to return to Dismal Swamp with the escaped slaves just because he found himself much more comfortable in that private rare piece of pure nature.
    Actually, this is just a life lesson that these people gave us.


  4. The story is really good and it seems to me that it’s a story known by everyone. I understand many things from that and I see in an other these events so far from us but totally making an impact on us. What they did to escape is so courageous and to live on this places far from everything like a small world with so much dangers is just about bravery.
    The thoughts in my head about what I feel are still hitting each others to get a place on the appointment of my real sentiments face to that horrible event.
    I really love a sentence wich is for me more a quote than anythung else and a end my opinion on it:
    “Slavery will teach any man to be glad when he gets freedom,” Grandy wrote.


  5. Well, in the Dismal Swamp the conditions were horrible. Slaves were in the middle of no where with no food surrounded by millions of trees, snakes and dark water where they had to put their feet in it whithout noying what’s inside.I can’t imagine how they did to hide their. No one deserves this. Some of them were lucky enough to buy their freedom.
    One of my favourite part of the audio is when the man said ” I felt to myself so light that I almost tought I could fly”. It’s a very striking sentence. He also said that he lived in a little cabin which means he prefered to be free and living not in the best conditions than being a slave. It’s incredible what the slaves did to be free since more than 10 generation.
    I love the idea of the museum where they will be exposed african art found in the Dismal Swamp . This will be the occasion for the african-american to get in touch with their roots.
    I loved this audio it showed how slaves where very strong mentally and physically. Slaves are human just like us, they didn’t deserve what happened to them. Listening to this audio made me realize even more how freedom is important.


  6. It is heartbreaking to hear that slaves had to live in such conditions to survive , they would have done everything and stayed anywhere just to save their lives , even if they would feel like animals … They were like ” the slaves again in the world , fighting for their survival


  7. The risks slaves were ready to take shows us how horrible their slave life was. They were ready to be bitten by a snake or stung by insects for their freedom. The luckiest one had a little hut where to live and be safe , but unfortunately not everyone had this privilege. I admire their courage and their determination to leave this life where they were treated like animals or objects. Reading documents about slavery makes me realise how lucky I am. It crazy how your different colour skin takes away your freedom and your rights.


  8. I really admire all these slaves who had the strength to escape and go live in the middle of nowhere. They would do everything to be free and I am very impressed. They had to escape to Dismal Swamp for freedom. They lived in horrible conditions because of their skin color which is very inhumane. In the swamp they could live as humans but there were snakes, bears etc… It was very dangerous but it was the only country where they had rights and a bit of justice where they could live as humans not as animals or objects that we buy. In my opinion, when I read this post, I was very proud because I didn’t know that they could escape that they had the courage to do it. But yes, they did it and I hope that this part of history will be a lesson to everyone. We don’t have to kill because of our origin , skin color or religion. We have to coexist and to accept every human on earth. Because at the end we are all the same. I hope that after the racism, the war between Palestine ans Israël, the attack of Charlie Hebdo, the world will learn to coexist and stop war. It is very important to live in peace and to live as brothers and sisters we’re all from the same race.


  9. The slaves use a hideout for hiding.
    Eric Shapperd (I think it’s spelled like that…) organized tours to help African Americans to find freedom.
    A National Museum of African American will open in 2016.
    ( This is just a little summary of significant keywords on this audio story)

    This audio story is very interesting about the African American slaves and also, of those who helped them to escape.


  10. I’m heartbroken, this is really sad. When we re-live what the slaves endured, we are disgusted, emotional and hurt. It’s hard to think that a human being could live in those conditions. It was a period of “survival” . No food, snakes and wild animals, natural dangers… they had to survive with all these problems. They had to fight even more for their freedom. Yes, it’s better then being under the control of a master and being treated like a useless object but they still suffered. They were very courageous.
    Bravery was the key to freedom , at that time.


  11. slaves escaped from misery to go to “the promised land” but this place was not normal. The conditions where they had to live were horrible, any human won’t live there but it was their last chance to save themselves, their family AND their freedom.
    They put their life in danger just to keep their freedom and their dignity.
    If you take away somebody’s freedom and dignity, what else does he have? Is he still a person??


  12. To my mind, it’s a very interesting story because we learn the life of slaves who have success to escape from slavery. This story is very good because it’s not an other denunciation of the slavery but the proof of strength,courage and determination of men and women who decided to escape of the cruelty for a better life and especially freedom. It was very dangerous to escape because they have the mosquitos, the briars and the water…
    After, they going in a forest, free but left to their own devices. Life conditions are very difficult, but they have the good idea to create a community for mutual aid.
    With this information, I would like to read the book who speak about this story, A Desolate Place for a Defiant People.


  13. this man radio show that talks explains that slavery is bad it’s a real struggle for the slaves it’s hard to be separated from his family and having no rights. it’s “working men”, they are sold to the rich who do what they want with it. it is inhuman and horrible.


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