The Irish In America Part 1 – YouTube

The Irish In America Part 1 – YouTube.


3 thoughts on “The Irish In America Part 1 – YouTube

  1. Irish Americans are Americans
     who can trace their ancestry to the island of Ireland. About 33.3 million Americans—10.5% of the total population—reported Irish ancestry in the 2013 American Community Survey
    conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau.
     Three million people separately identified as Scotch-Irish, whose ancestors were Ulster Scots who emigrated from Ireland to the United States.
    Throughout the Famine years, nearly a million Irish arrived in the United States. Famine immigrants were the first big wave of poor refugees ever to arrive in the U.S. and Americans were simply overwhelmed. Upon arrival in America, the Irish found the going to be quite tough. With no one to help them, they immediately settled into the lowest rung of society and waged a daily battle for survival.t


  2. The Irish are determined people denied liberty in their native country. They turned poverty into prosperity, and prejudice into respect. They left for the Promised Land in America, from different places and believes. Because they were oppressed starved and had nowhere else to go. They arrived with needed skills and the ideas.What they found was not what they imagined, they learned to expect the unexpected, the unimaginable and unfathomable opportunitiesAn ancient ‘prophet’ of Ireland, and warned them to expect hardship and eventually expect to reach the Promised Land far in the west. 5 million men women and children between 1550 and 1922.They didn’t only assimilate, they stirred the American history. They suffered a lot of prejudice and hardship but ended up successful. 8 million people but because of politics economy and the worst famine they have ever known half the population left forever.
    Henry the 8th divorced his wife and has been excommunicated by the Catholic Church. Since then Irish were denied all their religious and political rights by the English penal laws.The Irish liked America because of its religious and political freedom, they even fought and helped during the American revolution.


  3. Irish left their land to seek a new life .In fact , these people suffered in their country because of misery , political instability and the famine. So they took risks and ran from poverty and misery to a new continent : America . When they arrived in the ”Promised Land ” , their life wasn’t easy . .They suffered firstly because they were not accepted.They faced prejudice , hardship , ridicule ( they where caricatured as monkeys ) .But they finally found their place in this new country where they found a better life than in Ireland . Thus they left behind them their problems and immigrated. They enriched America . They arrived with a new culture and fresh ideas and new skills. They were courageous people with determination who succed after facing resistence in an unknown land.


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