Teen plastic surgery

Teen plastic surgery.


23 thoughts on “Teen plastic surgery

  1. In this text the author criticizes the place that plastic surgery has taken in our society  , unfortunately, it has taken a really important place that is getting bigger according to what the medias shows us .
    Plastic surgery has negative effects because it still involves many side effects and dangers. The author tells us that she wasn’t a bullied teenager but she wasn’t also that cool . In high school, all that mattered was the look you had . Now everything has changed, society pushes you to have plastic surgery to be more than perfect even if nobody can really be perfect . Finally the author gives us her opinion about plastic surgery that is for her a kind of a catastrophy . Personally, I think that plastic  surgery can be good for people who really need it like people who have had an accident , or a disease,  or are disfigured but not for people who just want to be perfect to satisfy society’s desires . I think that everyone is beautiful in their own way and we don’t have to change for others


  2. In this article, the author shows us how society’s mentally changed from the “knowledge of cheap alcoholic beverages and getting a snog on Friday night ” to ” plastic surgery dreams ” for teens (due to globalization for sure).

    Indeed, Most teens seek plastic surgery to improve their appearance or to increase self-esteem. Teens often report that their self-image and self-confidence improves when their perceived physical shortcomings are corrected so ” their parents think it will make them happier or aid them in their future life ” so that it pushes them into their carrier.
    The author criticizes the place that plastic surgery has taken in our society and the consequences to face like ” what is going on when their mothers go under the knife and comes back resembling not their mummy but The Mummy ” and many side effects and dangers too.

    Personally, the plastic surgery is just a way to satisfy people and avoid negative judgments of others thoughts. It can just be a need for a person and a pleasure for another.


  3. In this web article, the author talks about a subject that is very worrying recently : plastic surgery in teens. He criticizes the change of mentality regarding this phenomenon. According to him, this change is due to the propaganda that medias uses to influence people and make them ask questions about their body. The author talks about “bombing” people with ads concerning this subject with showing them people embodying perfection, and all of this to make them find themselves “ugly”. The proposed treatment is consequently plastic surgery. He find that this method of marketing is destroying teenagers evolution and pushing them in a world of illusion where plastic reigns.

    Personally, I’m against plastic surgery, but with reconstructive surgery. When a person has a “big failure ” and lives it badly every day or after an accident, I totally understand his need to resort to plastic surgery.
    However , I am against people who want to flee wrinkles (Maybe I will change my mind when I am older) or modify a part of their body. Plastic surgery is for stars who bow to the dictates of eternal youth intended by film producers, but for Mr. or Mrs. everybody, I do not see the goal. After all, no one is ugly, because everyone is beautiful in someone’s eyes.


  4. Plastic surgery is a very controversial subject in the 21st century : the author tells us about it in this article.
    Plastic surgery has became fashionable but also a way to give an identity, a place in society.
    Indeed, the natural beauty is not appreciated at its true value, it is definitely not an asset.
    Moreover, this phenomenon was put in evidence lately with Kylie Jenner and her challenge for luscious lips without surgery.
    In reality it was done with injections lips but Kylie doesn’t want her fans to know about it. Surgery then may be fashionable but people do not always tell the truth about it.
    In another way, surgery has good sides : the restorative surgery in case of accidents or other, so I think that we can not judge this medicine for now.
    Finally, this fashion grows day by day and as Queen B ( Beyonce ) said in pretty hurts : ” perfection is a disease of a nation “.


  5. After reading this web article, here are some few things I’d like teens to consider before going under the nife: I think that teens nowadays shouldn’t expect plastic surgery to solve all of their problems. Plastic surgery will not make them a different person and It won’t make them popular in school. Although their looks can influence some of their success in life, teens need to learn and improve their selves from within. There are downsides to everything. They also should be aware of the complications and risks of any surgery and If their friends judge them by their looks or clothes, they probably aren’t true friends.
    Finally I believe that knowledge is power. After researching all of their options, they may realize they don’t need plastic surgery. Perhaps some tips on how to be more outgoing may be all they need to feel confident about theirselves. In other words they shouldn’t fit in, not when they were born to stand out !!


  6. Teens seek plastic surgery for many reasons. One reason many cite is that young people can be cruel, intentionally or not. For example, someone may blurt out to a friend, “Did you see that kid’s nose?” without thinking of the pain it may cause. Many women get plastic surgery done because they are not happy with what they look like. Society today is based on how pretty or skinny a person is. Society shouldn’t be like that, I believe in natural beauty, makeup is one thing but plastic surgery is taking it a little too far.
    I think that plastic surgery is acceptable when a person has been in a severe accident and desperately needs it but if someone isn’t happy with themselves then they should do what makes them happy.


  7. In this article, the author shares with us his opinion about plastic surgery which is a very interesting subject to talk about. Indeed, this topic is far from being one of those we speak the least about.. the more times flies, the more people seek perfection, and I think this has no sense because if we all were perfect, we would easily get tired of each other. I do think that flaws are beautiful, because it makes us different from each others.
    Unfortunately, society judges a lot, whether to criticize or to compliment, this is the nature of society and I don’t think this would change that soon.
    I also think that people who are getting bullied because of their nose, ears, body etc shouldn’t feel insecure but stay strong and have a strong personality because if we follow what people say, I think we will go crazy.. everyone has a certain opinion so we cannot satisfy everyone, the only person who should be satisfied is,us so we have to accept ourselves.
    Sometimes, the body that appears on many magazine won’t fit me for example and I might regret it when I will get it and wished I hadn’t done that surgery… I believe that we are beautiful as we are and that there is nothing better than staying natural.


    • True. It is a difficult subject because you wonder, where do you draw the line? When do you say you are too young to have plastic surgery and why should parents let their children at such a young age do this? It is hard to say… But I do believe each case is different. We should try to understand each other, even if we believe it may be inappropriate, let’s put ourselves in each others shoes for once, maybe we can evolve as a society? Who knows….


  8. After reading this article, I can say that plastic surgery isn’t a good thing for teenagers, because they are really young and have to accept their body . Especially that their body will change et can become beautiful . So I think it’s really a bad idea to want plastic surgery at this age. And like the author said in the article, school had a big change, now, a lot of teenagers wants to do like american people, and the media are juste pushing them into this new “fashion” with magazines and many adds. So this isn’t the entire fault of the teens, because our society takes them in this way.


  9. I think the author of this text has totally right and that nowadays people (especially the younger generation ) is too focused on body apect and not enough on the moral value of a person, who also is a quality. With the development of social networks and the Internet where you can see perfect girls , hidden under layers of sillicone but which are neither more nor less than the victims of today’s society that is based on the physical qualities


  10. The author of this article criticizes the place that surgery takes in our society and how the media encourages people all around us and even sometimes close to us to take part in this search for perfection.

    People don’t necessarily realize their act they are under the influence and seek to achieve the perfect, to be “prettier” Each year the younger population is influenced by people they are close to, the press, television. They simply seek to be in fashion and look like someone and personally I find it horrible.

    More surgery can affect the mind of the person who suffers from insecurites about their appearance (they may even become addicted). I’m not against reconstructive surgery for example if such a person has an accident.


  11. Women are pushed to aspire to this false and constructed vision of the perfect woman promoted by the medias. Why women are such easy targets? because from their youngest age they are told to look pretty, they are told how to be, they are told that their appearance is the most important thing. It is not only the medias’s fault, it’s the whole society that is wrong. As a result many teen girls are complexed by their looks or by their weight. This is an important subject that should be taken very seriously and not as “just a phase” as some adults like to depict it as. Because these complexes can then evolve in more serious diseases such as body dismorphic disorders and eating disorders. These diseases should be taken in consideration as any other disease. There are more people with eating disorders than there are with green eyes. You have more chance of surviving certain cancers than you do an eating disorder. Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate out of any psychiatric illness, largely due to heart failure or suicide.
    But back to the subject of teen plastic surgery do i agree with it or not? Well im in no place to judge someone’s decison. Im not against it by any means, but i think that you should wait until you’ve fully developed and grown into your skin. So so much changes and you become so much more confortable and accepting of yourself past your teen years. Girls have to give themselves some time to bloom.
    All people are beautiful


  12. Modifying a body who that hasn’t finished growing was never a great idea. This is why I don’t agree with this type of surgery. If it’s not necessary for your health, don’t change your body at such a young age. I know that today’s society pushes teenagers who are impressionable and obsessed with their appearance. I know that the media insists on perfection, I know that everybody dreams of being like their idol but plastic surgery is irreversible and can be really dangerous. The media uses you for business by promoting this surgery, and only for business. It’s not easy to withstand mockery but, think about your future before acting.


  13. This article is about how society has changed in 40 years..
    As we can read in the article, mentalities have changed negatively. Indeed in the past, people were looking forward for something that made them look decent ( like a nice pair of shoes for example). Nowadays, people -especially girls -, through propaganda and ads, are looking for how to be more “sexy” and beautiful. The media and ads show them people with a perfect smile and body.

    To look like those lay-figures, they propose plastic surgery.

    The author find that this method of marketing is a way to destroy a teenager’s life and distracting them from what is important. The example of the book made by Dr Salzhauer is totally creepy , I cant handle that , he is destroying the future generation.

    Personally , I share his point of view : nowadays people are too focused on how they look and not on the the basis of what people “good people” like morals. It’s because the media and the apogee of internet and social media that we are led to this ( society is based on the appearance)!!

    SCARY , it’s giving me GOOSE BUMPS


  14. I’ve been on Rhi’s article and I see that she’s really against the media and the fashion nowadays concerning plastic surgery.
    I think she’s right, I agree with her and I think that teenagers want to become increasingly adult (negatively though ) with the media and the example of Paris Hilton and her plastic surgery.

    Paris Hilton (and more like Kim K…) has become an icon for all teenagers, for our generation, so they all want to look like her (for their “model” imposed by the medias) using plastic surgery.

    “The gap between reality and media influence is becoming severely blurred.”

    I think that we shouldn’t fall in the perfect world of medias, it’s a dangerous trap which we cannot get out.


  15. As far as I’m concerned this article is tough and captivating in that it highlights an issue of modern society where physical appearance seems to matter more than reality. Beauty treatment has once been an adults concern, now it looks as though it has spread to school children


  16. I agree with the point of view of the author of the article because plastic surgery has became something natural like doing sport or hanging out with friends in some countries like South Korea people go to the plastic surgeon like they go to McDonald’s and you can find tons of teenagers who have already done more than 10 plastic surgeries. That’s why I think that plastic surgeries are now a social problem for us because we are all concerned. The author also criticizes the way the media contributes to the continuation of society’s illness because medias chooses to diffuse images of “celebrities” who have had plastic surgery and they comment those images by complimenting this last one. I also think that books like “my beautiful mommy” of “DR”.Michael Salzhauer never should have seen the day and have to be prohibited because books like this control the way children think and encourage them to have plastic surgery.


  17. In this text the author tells us that plastic surgery has taken a very important place in our society. Now a lot of teenagers want to have plastic surgery because of society, a lot of stars do plastic surgery and they sell dreams to the teenagers through the TV, reality show, magazines etc..

    The author said that when you are at school everybody judges you and if you are not what society says iis the corect way to be, they can make fun of you. Finally the author thinks that plastic surgery is a thing that can’t make you happy.

    Personally I think that the plastic surgery is not a good thing because perfect people don’t exist and will never exist. We have a body and we have to be proud of it. Only the reparitive surgery is a good thing because it helps people who really need to have plastic surgery.


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