Freegans: Creative Living Outside of Capitalism – YouTube


11 thoughts on “Freegans: Creative Living Outside of Capitalism – YouTube

  1. i’m sorry to say this but it’s a little bit disgusting, but very intelligent, and I think that if you aren’t in the poor category you should’nt do this, you can do it but instead of eating it, go feed the person or animal in need.

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  2. According to the video, freeganism is eating discarded food. Freegans take out free food out of the trash. To my mind their main objective isn’t saving money but it’s in reality reducing the impact of our consumer society. Actually they take advantage of the excesses of consumer society. As we know, tons of food gets wasted every year, stores throw lots of foods that had just reached the sell-by date. When it’s still eatable, freegans take that wasted food in order to feed themselves or feed homeless people. On the one hand it is a good idea but on the other hand it’s quite risky and dangerous because some grocery stores bleach or slash their food and some people could get sick.


  3. I think that friganism is a good idea against the pollution and the wasting , but it’s not enough developed. Taking free food from the trash can be dangerous for the health. I think that the world have to find other ideas for this project which is very good for the environment . I hope that the friganism will be a habit in the future , but in a different way. It shows to us how much food is wasted while others don’t have anything to eat . I admit that it could appear disgusting to eat from the trash , but it shows to us that the population doesn’t care about the others and it’s very hard to realize the inequality between all the countries . Finally , I hope that the world will accept this new movement , for a better society .

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  4. We are in a really bad world. We have publicities and society that says : ” You’ve got to eat more !” “Look it is tasty, isn’t it”.Industries are producing more than what we really need. All of that is making an impact on environnement. Do you know that it exist a continent of waste which has an area of sixth times France’s area and third USA’s area ? It is shameful for us. People don’t buy everything and 35% of what is for sell isn’t buy by the consumers and left in the trash. And when you bring it to home, you are still making good food on trash (about 100kg each year for one home). In my view, is a way to re-use and give a second chance to food that isn’t used. I love the definition in this video of freeganism. It says : “It’s a creative way to live outside”. Yes it is and I’m totally agreed with this people. Clearly, they are people dying of not eating something while people are puting in a trash good edile food. However, I think that even if freeganism is a social and environmental solution to fight against this wasting, it’s dangerous and it isn’t not resolving all our problems. For me, we have to limit the production in industries by buying just and only what we need to force them to not produce to much thins that’ll finish their life in a trash.


  5. I actually think that freeganism is a good step to reduce the impact of the consumer society. Most food companies waste food that can be eaten. Freegans use that for their benefit. In my opinion, companies should stop throwing away everything because they don’t even check if the food is edible. They can, for example, donate it to people who need this food and can’t afford it. But unfortunately, this isn’t in the benefit of the consumer society they even poison their waste to keep people from eating it or approaching it. It’s disappointing to see that some people don’t care for those who really need help.


  6. In my view, freeganism is a genius idea but also disgusting. In a way, freeganism can feed a lot of families and people, nervertheless that waste food can be the source of new problems.

    However,every one is free to believe in his convictions and to act as he want.


  7. I think that it’s sad to see that in 2015 there are some people in the world who has to search in the trash to eat! and I think that other people do it even if they had money are stupid because it’s disgusting instead of doing that give it to the other people who can’t by it or by food and give it to the others !! yeah we live in a sad world ! we have everything and are always complaining while others only require one piece of bread 😦 we have to help more poor people in the world.


  8. After watching this video, I think that freegans is a good concept to save the world from consumer society : a great fight against pollution and waste . But it’s so sad to see that people are selfish, I totally disagree with their slogan “Creative Living Outside of Capitalism” : It would be more interesting if we used freegans to feed poor people who cannot buy food, in my opinion every one who has money has to buy this food because in on the other hand we are living in a capitalistic world.

    I’m not totally convinced with this way of freeganism, we can do better but it’s a good start!!


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