What is the Slow Food Movement? – YouTube


3 thoughts on “What is the Slow Food Movement? – YouTube

  1. In this video we can see a farmer who talk about slow food. The concept is to cultivate fruits and vegetables without pesticide and insecticide so it will be safe for us. After that they prepare a good meal with their harvest and they eat it with other people. Slow food movement is the addition of nature, taste and conviviality.


  2. The theme of the video is Slow food. Slow food concept is to cultivate vegetables fruits etc.. without using insecticide or others things like that because we should eat healthy and we should be safe of what can cause the pesticide or insecticide.
    We can say that slow food is 100% natural 😀


  3. This video talk about the slow food. The concept of slow food is to cultivate 100% natural food like vegetable ( without insecticide or pesticide).The slow food is very important because it’s healthy ( good ,clean and just) and it’ a quality food. People need to slow down around food and they need to appreciate this food.


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