Things to do this summer:

See a movie

Blow bubbles

Catch fireflies at night

Pick berries and peaches at a farm

Roast marshmallows over a fire and make s’mores

Make lemonade from scratch

Eat corn on the cob

Sip a sweating glass of iced tea

Eat a slice of watermelon

Buy fresh produce at the farmers’ market

Eat a soft-serve chocolate ice cream cone

Nap in a hammock

Have a picnic in the park

Stargaze while lying in the grass

Watch the sun set from a beach

Dangle your feet off a dock

Pick wildflowers

Swim in a lake

Rent a bike

Go camping

Go for a hike

Go kayaking or canoeing

Toss a Frisbee

Collect seashells at the beach

Take a last-minute road trip

See a summer blockbuster

Walk barefoot in the grass

Get caught in a summer rainstorm

Sleep with the windows open

Make a summer playlist

Smell freshly-cut grass

Feel the sun on your back

Roll up your pant legs and go wading

One thought on “1-3eme

  1. In summer, I spent my time on the web : Watching some american series like Skins or Teen Wolf, I read some fictions, always on the internet and wrote, many, many pages, full of writing. I also spent time with family at the swimming pool or with friends. But what I did inevitably, was chilling out. That was my summer favorite thingd to do 🙂

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