Unit 2 – Writing a Story

Hi Everyone,

This month we are writing stories:

Here are some things you need to think about:

You should use past tense verbs:

Past –

* Regular with ed

– He walked to school.

* Irregular – http://www.englishpage.com/irregularverbs/irregularverbs.html

–  She wrote a story yesterday.

Past continuous –

* was/ were + verb +ing    ( a past continuous action)

She was eating her piece of pizza when a monster grabbed her .

Present Perfect –

* have/has + past participle

 Have you ever visited the USA?

I have never visited the USA.

How long have you lived in Agadir?

I have lived in Agadir for 3 years.

How many times have you visited the Eiffel Tower?

* use : never, ever, just, yet, always, already

* use :  How long…….   How many times ……….  answer with for and since

Elements of a scary story :

  • Suspense: feelings of excitement or anxiety when the reader tries to figure out the outcome or ending
  • Plot twists: a change in plot that takes the story in a different direction than expected
    • Suddenly : http://www.thesaurus.com/browse/suddenly?s=t
    • Change : http://www.thesaurus.com/browse/Change?s=t
  • Conflict: how the characters solve the problem
  • Setting: time and location where the story takes place (scary stories choose creepy ones)
  • Surprise endings: the ending or resolution is not what the reader expected

If you want to add dialogue, remember:

“I told you he was behind you!!” James screamed angrily.

  • Put the dialogue in quotations””,
  • Use the correct punctuation.
  • Describe how the person said it using the past tense and adverbs.
  • Change lines when the character changes.
  • http://www.michellehenry.fr/exprecr.htm#dia

Here are some examples for you:

16 thoughts on “Unit 2 – Writing a Story

  1. That helped me a lot especially the part that treats about the feelings (anxiety and suspens). I thought that expressing emotions is hard. But that was before I read this article. So thank you.
    Lamia El Kheiri


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