Unit 5 – War Heroes

War Heroes

What was it like to live in England during World War II?


Q         A       S       V           O

What could they do?

What were they allowed to do?

What were they advised to do?

What did they have to do?

Who were the Home Guard?

Read more here:


Where did they have to go during the air-raids?

Anderson shelters:


Air Raid Wardens


What did people have to do?

They had to use ration books and wait in line to get their food.


Listen to what the children were instructed to do:


Read more about WWII in England:


One thought on “Unit 5 – War Heroes

  1. What an awful period for the civilians , war is horrible , I can’t help wondering how people could live in such bad conditions. I don’t think I could be able to live in those situations , no food, always having the fear of losing your family , I have lots respect for the people who choose to stay and who don’t give up their land , houses , countries … it’s very courageous .


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