2de Groupe – Student work 2014 – 2015

Green Art – Sequence 3


Sequence 5 – Read what the students came up with here.

Slave  Stories :

Story 1 – Written by Soulaimane Benrabah and Soukaina Haddouche

I was a witness to a horrible and touching scene back there in Africa. It happened around mid-day next to my neighbor’s house.
They were a happy family, they didn’t have a lot of money but had done everything for their children and tried to educate them the right way. Adia, the mother was a teacher in a sewing school and Gamba, the father worked in fields. They were so simple and were thankful for what they had.

Slavery was in many parts of the country and we all knew in that neighborhood, that one day, they would capture us just like the other ones. We were the next ones.

The “big” day arrived… The slave-hunters came to get us . We were all so scared, I grabbed my little sister’s arm and tried to not let go. I tried to protect her and to be a “volunteer” but.. They chained our hands and feet. We were separated at first in 3 groups: Men/children/women. Then, they took us in big charriots just like the ones for food, and took us to a forest. They forced us to sit down in the middle of dangerous insects, wild plants, it was damp and dirty. They took our clothes off so that we were “equal” and so that they could see our figure and judge us…

The children weren’t with us anymore, they sent them to another place.. I still don’t know where Boipela was, my sister. Well, we were sitting down and waiting for our turn to pass in front of the white master, so that he could decide what to do with us. When it was my turn , he saw that I was weak and skinny so my job was to work as a servant-maid. When Adia passed he saw that she couldn’t work in fields or at home, she had “nothing” in her for him, so he called Gamba.
“What can I do with you ? ” the master said with a little smile at the corner of his mouth.

“Whatever you want just leave my wife alone” Gamba said angrily.

So the master took his whip and started to “play” and told him how he could dominate him.

Adia was so shocked by all of this and started to cry and shout.
“Don’t hurt him please. Don’t hurt him, he is a good man, I swear! ” she screamed desperately.
We tried to calm her and tried to tell her that no one could talk to them and rebel against them. We were from now on, slaves

Gamba was on the floor, horrified, and couldn’t get up ,so his friend came to help him and for the last time he hugged his wife. Adia didn’t want to leave him, she was going back to him. A slave from another country slapped her in the face and forced her to sit down like the others.

“Don’t move, or you will have trouble” he said with a little voice.

After that we all became animals, we were heart-broken. We didn’t have any family, any love, any food, any home. They put us on the slave ship. Some died, some tried to escape but died, some fell in a depression, and we all suffered.It was disgusting, all mixed up, in a small and dark place in the boat, we couldn’t drink whenever we wanted, we couldn’t complain…

When the three slave ships arrived in America, we were all taken by a master that was pitiless and dragged us even if we didn’t want to go with him. When everyone came off the boat, it was then the last time we could see our families from a distance. I saw Boipela with another look on her face, I smiled at her and said I LOVE YOU, forever. Adia looked at Gamba, he was a bit far from her, around 20 meters… She burst into tears and made a peace sign and left with her owner.

And from then, our lives changed.

 Story 2 – written by Camelia Reinhart and Youness Abbassi

As a litte girl, I used to live with my parents and four brothers in Senegal.

One day, when I was walking in our village with my father and my elder brother, we got beaten down by three white beasts. They had already captured about twenty other people who were tied up together with a rope. Another man came and took me away from my father who was holding my brother, who got injured, falling down. The white man grabbed me and chained me to the other women. My father also got chained but my brother, they killed him because he wasn’t able to work, or so they said. I cried, I screamed, but there was nothing to do, they would not listen to me. How could they be so cruel ?! I just sat on the floor watching my brother dying and I felt like I was dying too.

Those men continued to capture other people in the village until we were thirty. I was really afraid. Some tried to kill themselves and some tried to resist. I didn’t know why they captured us, I didn’t know who these men were. I didn’t know where we were going. I was lost. I looked at my father, the expression on his face was like he was telling me, “Don’t be afraid, we will get throught this”. But when we arrived in front of a ship, I knew I would never see my mother and my brothers again.

There were three ships, a man came and exchanged me and other women against money. We were sold. At this moment I had no dignity, I felt like a vulgar animal. My father went with an another man in an other ship. I didn’t know what to do, or what to say, all I wanted to do was shout my distress.

A few hours later, we were in the ship, on the road to America. I talked to a woman next to me and asked her what they were going to do with us and she told me very scray things. We would be slaves.

My childhood was broken, I had no more family, no more dignity, no more rights, no more life ! I was an animal, here to do what my masters asked me to do. I couldn’t refuse anything or I got beaten. I was hurt many times, sometimes even in front of the other slaves, and nobody had words to say. We were powerless. We were just slaves.

My name is Aunt Sue, and that is my terrible story.

Thank you for reading

Story – 3 Written by Maria and Ferys

Aunt Sue’s Stories

I remember when I was a child, my aunt Sue told me stories, about a slave child, let me tell you this stories.

One day, in an African tribe people were happy and lived a beautiful life in peace and serenity. Children and people had everything necessary to live. But everything changed when the British men came.

They came and took nearly everyone, a British man took a piece of paper and wrote the name of the African become that would become slaves. They were terrified and extremely unlucky. I was chosen to become a slave. Three days later, I went on a boat and and I crossed the Atlantic Ocean during four horrible months. We were piled in like objects. After,we arrived in this country and my life as a slave began. During 30 years, I had no freedom, nothing.

Story – 4 Written by Chadine Hamdi and Amine Sâadou

Aunt Sue was sitting with a child named Martin in the front porch when she had a flashback.

” I have a little story to tell you, would you like to hear it ?” aunt Sue said to the little child while balancing on her chair.

” I love hearing your stories ! ” screamed Martin.

” It all started in Africa, in a little village. Everything was going good but the Europeans came. They kidnapped us, beat us, we didn’t know what was happening. There was no place to hide. The Europeans transported us from Africa to the Unites States of America in the Amistad ship. We were stacked on each other like marchandise. We were starving and babies were crying but the Europeans didn’t care about that, the only thing that mattered was how much we cost.” suddenly aunt Sue started crying.

” Don’t cry aunt ! ” the child said. Sue hugged him and started her story again.

“We arrived to Louisiana in the south of America. The weather was hot and humid. We were transported to a beautiful house, the garden was amazing, flowers were everywhere. The europeans reunited us, slaves, in a corner of this beautiful garden where we sat on the ground.They gave us clothes and started to pat us down. A man called Jack came to us. He was wearing a beautiful suit and his hair was nicely pulled back, he grabbed your uncle and pulled of his shirt and started slapping him on his face for no reason. I starded screaming “What are you doing ? Don’t touch him ! ” I tried to help him but they took me away from him and said that they would beat him again if I didn’t calm down. I started thinking about your uncle dancing and singing in our village in Africa when Jack said to your uncle ” You are very lucky because you are going to work in one of Mr.Carl’s plantations of cotton. It’s in a another village not very far away. I am sure you are going to love it.” Your uncle didn’t talk he suffered inside but didn’t show it. It wasn’t the case for me I couldn’t stop from crying. I was going to be separated from the only person that made me fight to survive and resist to these poeple. Jack pointed at me and the other slaves and said “Well you are going to work in this house. Isn’t it beautiful ?” I remember this moment like it was yesterday, your uncle going away and finding myself alone. ”

“You are not alone aunt Sue I am here now. It’s hard but don’t worry we are going to be free one day” said little Martin while holding Sue’s hands. The eyes of the child were all sparkling, he believed in what he said and aunt Sue too.

Story 5 – Written By Hamza Echihab and Samy Felici 

“It was twenty years ago, I was, like usual, in my wheelchair, watching these poor people working hard under the hot sun. At around eleven o’clock, I suddenly saw what I thought were two ghosts. They were getting closer. The two ghosts then turned into two white men, well-dressed and noble looking. One of them was a little behind the other, I suppose he was the subordinate of the other man. I was not the only one to have noticed them. My husband saw them, and went outside quickly. The three men talked a little, then my husband shouted at the slaves to come and line up. The strangers began to slowly analyze each of the slave faces. Sometimes they were touching their muscles, or opening their mouths to see their teeth. When they finished, they again started talking to my husband. This time it was a little longer. After a little while, they shook hands. They began to handcuff some of the slaves, those that they were chosen, and made them sit on the ground. I could see fear on their faces.

I then heard someone screaming. A woman’s voice. It was a female slave. She didn’t want to leave her husband. He was trying to comfort her, but he didn’t have time. One of the strangers slapped her and forced her to sit. She was crying. I’ve never seen this much hatred on a man’s face. Those strangers were like devils.

 Story 6 – Written by Hamza and Alexia

Ximena, my sister, was in the kitchen cooking a big soup. The smell was so good that it wandered into my nose. Her husband came and gave her a hug. I heard him say close to her ears, “I love you”.

He called me, “Taylor, come on !”

I remember this blue sky and this calm. Suddenly, we heard “I’m free” being screamed by a woman.

“I have a bad feeling” Ximena said.

Ten men destroyed the door. They entered the room and kidnapped us.

“Help me !” Ximena shouted.

This call was forever engraved in my mind and I would never forget it. I didn’t remember anything after that kidnapping until I got up naked with many others slaves on board the Amistad.

We were separated so we were just women in this place. I remember this mother crying because her child just died from this sickness. I saw other mothers take children that they didn’t know just to have more food.

A loud call came from below, “We will land in a few hours. Prepare your bags ! Oh! Sorry you don’t have any bags ” he added ironically.

We all went left the boat and joined by the men. We were all forced to kneel. Three men came, two white and one black, dressed like the two others. The better dressed white men were saying names while the black man took the people and led them away.

I heard my name, “No ! No !” I was shouting. Regardless, the black men took me. I heard Ximena’s name suddenly and I saw her husband killed because he wanted to help her.

I remember Ximena shouting and crying.

“Go to hell you black dog, before he kills her too.” the bad man shouted.

I was stretching my hand their way but nothing would repair what this man did. After that, I worked in sugar cane fields until we were saved by an American.

I remember this day. I didn’t talk. I didn’t even move. I just closed my eyes. Tears were falling down my face. I was thinking of Ximena and her husband.

“Thank you Miss Taylor Azmerag for this interview. Please applaud her so much for her courage !!!”

“We are now off air” the presenter exclaimed.

Mr Taylor went back to her home. That same night, the presenter was smoking. He was thinking so many things related to this story that he presented on his radio program.

“Luke ! ” shouted the presenter’s friend.

“Im coming !” said Luke. He threw his cigarette and went to meet his friend.

The End

Story 7 – Written by Rim Safy and Félix Mabille

When my grand-mother was 20 years old, she worked in the fields with her sister who was 25 years old. They used to live like animals and were separated from their children. They were slaves and had no justice, no rights and couldn’t complain. Their life was inhuman.

One day two white men came. They were dressed very well. Nobody ever saw them. My grand-mother’s sister knew that it was about her, she instantly had a bad feeling, she tought that it was about her children.

“Where is the slave Anne ?” said one of them.

“It’s me sir.” said the grand-mother’s sister.

“Come here we have some news for you.”

She came im front of them.

“We are here to tell you that nobody would buy your five children, so we had to kill them.”

She fell and started crying and screaming, one of the men caught her because she didn’t have the right to scream because if she did do something she would be killed. They had to go on working and act as if nothing was wrong. My grandmother and her sister were desperate they had no more strength. They continued to help each other and lived with the pain everyday. They prayed for slavery to stop.

 Story 8 – Written by Boutaina Bounou and Stephen Spagnoli

A long time ago , I was with my family in the woods trying to pick berries . At that time I was sixteen and unfortunately my family and I were poor . In the trees , one could find a plant

called – sumac . It is a plant that sells for a high price but that is unfortunately only in the fields of white masters . It was necessary to pay attention to the people watching us to predict the arrival of slave hunters .

That day, everything went well , but suddenly we saw two white men. The men surrounded us with machetes and guns . One thing to do, run. Unfortunately I fell back with my brother into a trap while the rest of my family escaped . I saw three slave hunters approach then nothing.

When I woke up , sprinkled with water with a pounding head, I realized that I had fainted . Around me stood a lot of slaves who were chained with torn clothes. We were on the beach with a boat that was docked. It was a ship carrying slaves. Standing before me was a white man dressed in a suit and a beautiful white hat. Before the man, there was a slave dealer, they were talking business. He had bought me . A black slave owner picked me . I realized that I would never see my family again.

 Story 9 – Written by Laura Bitton

When I was 8 years old I witnessed a white man trying to rape a slave woman who was pregnant.   He probably chose her because she couldn’t get pregnant again. When her husband saw that man he ran and tried to kill the white man. But the slave owner had a gun and shot him.   His wound was bleeding. The bullet probably had touched a vital organ. The woman was screaming her lungs out while crying and begged her owner to call for a priest before her husband died. The other slaves kept her away from her husband. The priest arrived and made a prayer for him,  a second later he died.

The slave woman was so sad and devastated that she started to have contractions,  her water broke and labor work started. She was in labor for 20 hours.

When the baby finally arrived she was too sad to look at him. When she finally got the courage to see how he looked. She felt like he looked too much like his father for her to live with him. 

An hour later she committed suicide. You know that baby boy she gave birth to, well that was you and that woman was my sister.

 Story 10 – Written by  Nora and Toufiq

It was a  horrible night for all of us , no one  had ever thought that in one night we could become slaves . It was almost midnight when a group of Africans came to attack us . They captured 30 of our people , with such violence that we couldn’t do anything to stop them . We were forced to walk for weeks across the whole continent in inhumane conditions .


Once we arrived in this unknown place , we were so afraid because we did not know what would happen to us . A ship and four white men were waiting for us . They were looking at us , as if we were objects without any value , although they refused to touch us and  talk to us . I was looking into the eyes of my companions , the women were crying and the men were shocked and angry . I was thrown on to the floor and someone asked me for my name , age and qualifications .

My wife had been separated from me , she was screaming my name and insulting the white men who were apparently Spanish . After hours of waiting in the sun , we were placed in a ship .

I was watching the sunset in the direction of my homeland , and at that moment , I realized that I would probably never come back .

 Story 11 – Written by Rayane Pradere

In 1834, Philip was captured by slave owners. They came from a company that was unfair to the slaves. I was a very good friend of Philip’s, he was very generous. He came to the plantation in December in my room ( a little room just to sleep). When I saw him, i knew that he was a good person. I was a very discrete slave with the master because he was extremly dangerous, we called him “THE TERMINATOR”.Philip always talked back to the masters, a thing that you never did.In November 1835, one year after, Philip was very sick but it was not an excuse because we had to work everyday, every week, every month, all year long, no matter what. So the master came the morning and said : “WAKE UP” ! I said he can’t work he is very sick, the master looked at me, came and slapped me.Philip was very sick so he decided to stay but if you are a slave in a company you can’t decide what you will do. the master came 1 hour after with the 2 other masters and the boss Mr Jourdain, they decided to torture and kill him because he was too old and he didn’t obey the master. I was working on the plantation when I saw Philip who was tortured by the masters. 

 Story 12 – Written by Othman Nadim

IN 1828 , some slaves was captured by some Europeans in France when they were escaping from a farm where they were working. There were twenty-two slaves and six women with them. The Europeans took them to their farm to choose the good ones and to sell the others , but in this group of slaves was Django’s family and the Europeans chose some slaves , the youngest one was the favourite one , so the mother of the family wasn’t chosen. She started crying because her children would be far from her and she would be sold by these Europeans and she would probably never see her children .Finally , the children escaped from the farm and they went to the slaves “market” where they were looking for their mother and they found her . In the night they escaped from this “market” and with the money that they received when they was working on the farms they lived until their death .

15 thoughts on “2de Groupe – Student work 2014 – 2015

  1. Well I love all of these posters but my favourite one has to be Laura’s poster because I love the idea of bowling I think it’s very original. I also love Maria’s poster, I love the colors and it looks like a map.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the story of Soulaïmane and Soukaïna, because in their text, we see the reaction of each character that allows us to enter the text and to feel the feelings.
    But this does not mean that other texts are zero. Far from it…

    Now, for me, when the ship takes the direction to America from Africa. For me, this is the road to hell and no opportunity to return to the boiling point…


  3. My favourite story has to be Soukaina’s and Soulaimane’s one . I love the description of the scenes.The adjectives used are very strong. We feel the characters and how hard slavery was.


  4. I really like Rayan’s, it describes very well what was happening to those that weren’t obeying to their masters, even if they couldn’t !

    And I would have liked to meet THE TERMINATOR.


  5. I find all those stories interesting, but my favourite is Soulaimane and Soukaina’s one. We can feel the characters’s feeling and be part of the scene.


  6. I really love the posters, they’re so meaningful and esthetic ! I personnally think Camélia’s is the best, because the colours used are very beautiful and so simple.
    Talking about the stories, I have to say Soulaimane’s and Soukaina’s is really the best. The descripitions are very pleasant to read, we really live the situations reading it !


  7. I love Soukaina’s and Soulaimane’s story too. We feel the emotions that they want to give to us. The scenes are emotiol and i like very much the story.


  8. I really enjoyed reading all the comments and the stories and they are all fabulous. I can’t compare them cause everyone did a great job. So, all what I’m gonna say, is that even if they’re all good I love Chadine’s one because like us the character is relating his story and the writing style is pretty good.


  9. I adore all of these stories , we really could become great writers haha . To me the best story is still Soukaina’s and Soulaimane’s . It is written in a nice way , and the description is stunning !! We feel like it is really happening and we can imagine the scenes while reading . Good job !!


  10. We can see that this subject has an important impact on us . We were so moved by slavery in general. I enjoyed reading all the stories, I loved Camelia’s and Youness’s story. It was very simple to understand and they used the perfect words to describe.


  11. All these stories are great. Each story takes a diferent style which makes it unique. So I can say that we are a very good writers. My favourite story is the Prader’s one, it’s so simple and deep that we understand easily the message.


  12. I really like the story written by Hamza Echihab, he introduced a very clear message from the experience that this man lived, I especially like the moment when the man tells us what he saw in there 30 years ago, It’s a very interesting story, All Right !


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