– 2de Groupe – Student work 2015 – 2016

Green Art – Global Warming – 2nd C

Student’s responses to this year’s Climate Conference in Paris:

Art on T-shirts



Posters to portray a poem learned in class

Speeches written by our students addressing the environmental problems today:

By Nathalie Sicart

My name is Nathalie, and I’m a sixteen year old teenager with a great mission here.

I would like to make you realize that our planet is in danger.

Someday, I will have children, and my own children will have children themselves. But who knows if our mother earth will stay alive by then since we are slowly killing her ?  That’s why I’m here today. To make you realize that we are responsible and that we need to react. Who do you think is responsible for the frequency of natural disasters ? Nature ? Far from it, WE ARE !

Natural disasters are the sad consequence of Global Warming for which no one is responsible, but men !

Global Warming makes natural disasters much more intense, and much more frequent. It will make earthquakes more powerful, hurricanes more destructive. It will make tsunamis rise to swallow cities and volcanoes burn the surface of the earth.

That’s why we need to take action now and fight climate change ! It’s not complicated and won’t take much of your time. At home, you can recycle to reduce pollution, you can use water efficiently so you don’t waste it, and use less-electricity by unplugging what is not used for example. On the road, you can drive smart to improve your fuel economy and reduce green house gas emissions. At school, you can get involved more, study the solutions to these problems and spread the word. Are all these small efforts really to much to pay a healthy planet ? Please don’t ignore and don’t delay.


by: Oumaima Madi

Hello. I’m Oumaima, a student, yes I am a student. I am standing here today in front of you all to talk about one of the world’s biggest issues. I would like to talk about a subject every single one of us is afraid to talk about. Global Warming.

It’s enough! Our world is suffering and dying little by little every day. For the last 11 years, it has been the hottest since recorded history. CO2 emissions have affected our climate, the animals are dying, the seas are rising and the ice caps are melting.

The reasons? Money and profit. Companies are ruining the atmosphere, OUR atmosphere! ENOUGH already! These are facts, this is the truth, this is reality. And still, we don’t want to OPEN our eyes and realise the level of danger we’re in.

I refuse that because of some people’s irresponsibility.   The life of my kids and the kids of my kids will be in danger.

Throughout all of history, the world has given love and everything we ever wanted. And what did we do to thank her? Ask for more and more continuously.

I am standing here today in front of you all to ask you for help. The earth has always been here for us. If we aren’t by her side when she most needs us, who will then?

I am standing here today in front of you all to challenge you. Stand up, raise your voice, we are more powerful than all those companies ruining the atmosphere, it’s OUR WORLD!

Hi, I am Oumaima, a student and I am standing here today in front of you all representing  you.

By Sarah Billig

Hello, my name is Sarah. I’m 16.

I’m here today, to talk about a problem that you already know. You’re probably wondering why am I talking about a problem that you all know. Well, because so far no one has fixed it and I’m here today in front of you to remind you that you have to fix it as soon as possible because we’re running out of time. Yes, I’m talking about global warming. What’s global warming? It’s the increase of Earth’s temperature due to he effect of greenhouse gasses such as carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels or from deforestation which traps the heat that would otherwise escape from the earth.

Who caused this problem?

We have, human activity has. Let me remind you of some global warming impacts that are now well under way:
-Rising seas, like the inundation of the Everglades
-Melting of the ice caps, people will lose their houses near the poles
-Animals are endangered like the polar bears
-Spread of disease, diseases such as malaria will migrate to now, warmer, regions

If we don’t reduce emissions, the temperature will increase more and more and then it will be too late to save our planet. Don’t you care about where and how your chlidren and grandchildren will live? I care! I want my children to live on a clean planet, to be healthy and to have a safe future. So if you care, do something to change the world and if the 7.5 billion people on the earth care then we will be able to fix this problem. You can reduce the consumption of water and electricity or move by bike to reduce the carbon dioxyde emissions. I’m giving you 24 hours to think about it and to do something that will help the changing of the world !!

Save the planet!

By Yasmine Belati

Good morning, my name is Yasmine, I’m from Morocco and I’m 15 years old.

I’m here today to talk about global worming. Where does it come from? From us. We want to make a lot of money, so we build factories with chimney stacks that pollute the atmosphere. All this pollution is making global warming exist. What are the consequences? The ice caps of Antarctica are melting so the level of the ocean is going up, it will cause tsunamis and hurricanes. And what are the consequences of the hurricanes and the tsunamis? They will destroy the houses of millions of people so there are going to be more refugees than today.

We have to find solutions! If we use removable resources instead of oil or carbon there will be good results on the planet. We can make the people buy electric cars by making them less expensive. All the public transportation has to become free, so people will use the public transportation instead of their own cars. We can build wind turbines in the cities where there is wind all year to make electricity.

There are a lot of solutions, but the world won’t react that’s why we are here today. If you want to save yourself, you have to save the planet.

Do you know what the world will become if we don’t react?


By Sofia Ait Tabia

Hi. My name is Sofia Ait Tabia. I’m fourteen years old. I’m a normal person living in this world. Just like you. Today, I am here talking to you, about something that makes me really scared and angry. Something that the humans have caused. Something that you have created.

   I want you to know that Global Warming isn’t the smallest problem that you have to think about. It all started because of you ! You and your pollution and your trash. You and your money. Because yes, today, the only thing that’s in man’s head is money. Don’t you see that some big companies like Shell or BP-Amoco are  polluting our planet ? And don’t you think that we should do something ?

I’m worried about my future, your future, and the future of our children. We have to stop it. Not next year, not in ten years but now. This is a problem that we have to deal with NOW. You are the leaders of this world. You have the duty to end it. Because if you don’t , who will ?




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