3eme Classes – 2014 -2015

Foreign Language Week


The 3eme students learned their part in the dance routine to “Uptown Funk” . They performed it in front of the whole school.


Fashion Show

The students learned about fashion and the different ways we can express ourselves.  They chose their favorite style, made a poster about it, gave a presentation and  during language week, they created a fashion show.


Present a Famous Historical Character – Write a Biography

The students chose a famous historical figure and they wrote a biography for them.  Then they dressed up as that person and we visited other classrooms to present their characters.  The students also chose a famous quote and shared it during their presentations.

SCARY Story                                       by Imane Bendramez

A group of friends decided to camp in the forest near the mountains for three days. They left their campsite and went to pick some fruits and mushrooms. It was seven past ten in the evening and there was no light.   They looked for their camps for hours but in vain. They searched near the mountains, behind the trees but Rob and Jack didn’t find anything.
At that moment, it was nine o’clock, it was night, there was no light. It was darker than dark but they couldn’t do anything without light.

“Jack, what should we do? Theire is no light, I can’t see anything and we can’t find the camp.” said Rob in an afraid voice.

“Don’t be afraid, we’ll find a solution.” said Jack.

“We’re too young, I don’t wanna die!” Jack said while hugging his friend.

I will stop crying ’cause I’m not a girl and we’ll find a solution to this problem together.” Said Rob smilingly.

They started walking all around the forest. Suddently they heard sounds, it was weird.  It was a sound that they hadn’t ever heard before.It was werewolf sounds.

The moon was full, Jack looked at his watch, it was midnight! It was the first time werewolves changed into werewolves. They were running into Jack and Rob, they smelled their odor!

They ran even if they were tired, they ran with all their power. Jack was tired, he stopped runing. A werewolf was behind him! Rob shouted to tell him to run but he wasn’t able to!

The werewolf was scary, theire was blood on his face. His mouth was giant with big teeth. The werewolf killed Jack, he ate his arm after his head. Rob was running and crying at the same time.

His best friend was dead, killed by a werewolf.

Finally he found the camp at night. He didn’t stop crying and shouting. The vacation of the two friends turned into a catastrophy. The sun appeared finally. Rob went to the car and went into his house. What will he tell his friend’s parents? Will they believe him? No one believed that werewolves existed. We only see that in films. But that wasn’t the problem. He lost his best friend and he saw the werewolf eating him. A human in front of a werewolf is like an ant in front of an elephant. He didn’t stop crying until he arrived at his house. It was an awful night, the worst night of his life!


SCARY story                                by Oumaima Bendramez

It was during a cold night of December. Emily and Tom were walking in the forest. They came to get mushrooms but they were lost somwhere in the large forest. Emily was very scared. She was hugging Tom as strong as she was able to. Tom turned on the light of his phone to see what was around them.

“We will never find a road to get out of this hell !” Emily exclaimed with a terrified voice.

“Dont´t worry, we will be safe.” Tom replied.

“I don’t think so, there are wolves here! ” Emily repeated many times.

“Oh my God! Look over there, something is walking! Do you hear leaves? Tom asked.

” Of course I hear them !! We will die here !” Emily yelled.

” No,we won’t I promise you and please don’t talk loudly.”Tom said in a low voice.

” I think that it’s a wild animal, it will eat us alive.” Emily said.

” Please Emily stay strong, we will find a solution now.” Tom answered.

” Shhhhhh! Be calm, we will survive!” Emily repeated to herself.

” Do you believe in me? We will do it together!” Tom said to Emily.

” Yes,it’s okay.” Emily replied.

They decided to climb a tree until the animal left. They waited hours and hours together. The heard the animal, it was a rabbit. He ran after an other rabbit. They were surprised and laughed because they were scared of nothing. They went down the tree. They walked an hour and finally, they saw the road.

They hitchhiked. A taxi stopped. They looked to see if they had some money. They found only five dollars in their pockets. The jumped in the car. They were safe. The taxi took them to their houses but when he heard the story so he didn’t accept any money from them. They said thank you ten times. It was a good man. They went home alive. It was a great experience.


Trick or Treat                                                     by Nadia Sahib

It happened two months ago. It was Halloween. My friends and I were hiding from our parents. It was past midnight. We didn’t know what to do.

“What are we going to do now?” Josh asked.

“I don’t know. By the way, I’m so hungry!” I exclaimed.

“Why don’t we go back and find a restaurant, I heard there is a really good one that opened right at the corner of Bruxelles’s street.” Tessa proposed.

“We’re not that hungry. We will just continue walking because that one is too far.” Josh said.

“Ok.” Tessa and I concluded at the same time.

So, we continued our walk. The weather became colder. It was literally freezing. We left the city. I didn’t know why we didn’t come back. We were just walking, but our thoughts were not with us. Some huge trees started appearing, while the sun disappeared. It was darker. Fortunately, we had our cell phones, so, we were not in the complete darkness.

“Do we continue like that?! I’m a little bit scared. We’re not even in the city. Our parents won’t be happy!” Tessa noticed.

“Yes, we do! And Tessa, stop shaking like that, it’s just the woods, nothing more!” Josh ordered.

He had an awkward attitude. He wouldn’t say that normally. So, we took a path. In front of us, we could see a little wooden house. Josh went into it. Tessa and I were too afraid to stay alone outside, so, we followed him. Tessa went first. No one was inside the house. Even my two friends. I wanted to run, but the door was locked. I started screaming and shouting. No one answered. So, after my panic state, I cried. I cried all the tears that my body could contain. The floor was now wet. I heard some noise. Someone was walking.

“What am I supposed to do now? What do you want from me?! Money? my parents will pay you.. Josh, Tessa, please answer! Where are you!? Don’t touch me, don’t kill me. I will do whatever you ask me to do, but please, leave me alone!!!” I begged.

The sound was louder. I couldn’t see, so, I closed my eyes. Then, I heard laughs. It was Josh and Tessa’s voices. They did a trick on me. But when I opened my eyes, I couldn’t stop screaming. They didn’t know what was going on. They didn’t notice the man behind them. His face was hidden by a mask and he had a weapon. A knife..

I’m pretty sure that we all had the same questions that were trotting in our head. Who was he? Why did he have a mask when he would kill us at the moment? Did he know who we were? Did we know who he was? How could he know we were at this place today? Why would he do that? But regrettably, he did what we feared he would do. It was sad. I was sad, for our parents, friends, family, but I was mainly sad to know that all our questions wouldn’t be answered, ever.

And here we are, now, waiting for the time to pass, with no more goals, except the questions we couldn’t figure out…….


Scary Story                                by Anis Abdelkhoudousse

Rose and Jack, two brave and courageous explorers, were walking in a gigantic forest in the Arena planet next to the dinosaurs and other animals. It had already been two weeks since they started to look for this precious diamond …

«  Look ! it’s the diamond ! Oh my gosh, it’s the diamond ! » said Rose in a pleased voice.

« Where ? I can’t see it. » replied Jack

« At your right, here ! » said the women.

« Oh I see ! But you think it’s the diamond ? » Jack said in an astonished  tone.

«  Yes of course ! It’s the same diamond as in the picture, look ! » Replied Rose.

The diamond was in a giant nest. Rose and Jack were very happy to find this biggest diamond. Jack decided to take the stone when suddenly …

« Watch out !!! The T-REX !!! » screamed Rose.

The scary dinosaur ran to our explorer, the T-REX opened his big mouth and Jack, who was very strong and courageous, took his sword and killed the nasty dinosaur .

Jack took the diamond, gave it to Rose and he said, « Rose, will you marry me ? »

« Yes, I will . » Said the women very touched.

After, the couple decided to go back to their home. After they got married and they had many children …

 The Big Tree                     by Eusebia Hernandez Madrid

John and Kate were two teenagers. They were 19 years old. They were jailed for 2 years because they stole some apples from “The Big Tree”. But they escaped from prison, Kate from the right side and John from the left one. They were lost in the jungle for 1 week.

When suddenly, John saw Kate, “Oh my gosh, it can’t be real.” he said in a low voice.  “Kate !” he shouted.

Kate turned back around and saw John, she was shocked, “John !”

John ran to see Kate, she was bleeding. “Kate I can’t believe it, I was searching for you the whole week. Where were you ? Why are you bleeding ? What happened to your arm you can’t move it, can you ?”

“To answer your question, I’ll tell you the story”. Kate replied.

“Yes, please”. John said.

“When we escaped from the prison, I ran as fast as possible. Then I stopped to drink some water and relax for a few minutes. Then I heard something moving in the dead leaves. I saw a cobra. I ran like crazy for 10 minutes till the cobra wasn’t following me anymore, but I fell down in a hole. ‘ That’s why I got a broken arm and some cuts on my face”.

“Oh my god, you’re so brave, I’ll tell you mine” John exclaimed.

“I’m listening to you”. Kate replied.

“So when we escaped the jail, I walked forward, I picked some mushrooms because I was so hungry. Then I saw a house, someone was living inside. I knocked on the door then a dwarf opened it. He told me, “welcome”. Then I saw some witches and trolls eating. I sat with them. One of the witches took my soup and put something inside. I know that it was poison so when he gave me the soup I threw it back in his ugly face. I ran away, I was so hungry. Then I tried to find you !” John said.

“Oh John ! You’re so cute.” Kate blushed.

“Mmmm… ! Kate are you okay ? John asked.

“Uh, yes why ?” Kate exclaimed.

“Look at your leg, you are bleeding !” John yelled.

“Oh it doesn’t matter”. Kate answered.

“Yes, it does. I’ll go take some water for you.” John said.

“No you won’t ! There are many strange animals, they can kill you !” Kate whispered.

“Kate, your health is more important.” John sternly replied.

“John, don’t do it please”. Kate told him.

John ran to find some water and Kate stayed there crying. He finally found the water and cured Kate. They walked till the found the city.


Discovering What Shocks                                          by Lamia El Kheiri

All that stuff started normally. I was with John, my brother’s best friend. I, Maree Jones, sixteen years old, was on my bed when the bell rang. It was John. He was looking for Tim, my older brother.

“He’s not here. He’ll come soon, I think” I said quietly.

I invited him in and he waited for Tim in the living room. John knew the house, so I went back to my room after, closing the door. It was six when someone knocked at my door. I opened it. It was John.

“Tim hasn’t come back, yet!” He murmured worriedly.

“Don’t panic. Did you try to call him?” I advised him wisely.

He took his phone but nothing. Just an endless and annoying “Beep”. Something happened. Tim always answered. It was not in his habits to ignore a call. I quickly put on my black jacket and the keys of the car to John.

“Let’s go!” I said promptly.

In less than ten minutes, we were in front of the stadium, where Tim was playing football this afternoon. I went to the coach’s room. Luckily he was sitting behind his desk. I asked him about Tim.

“Tim just left the stadium. He went to the forest.” He answered me gently.

The forest? Why? What? Tim in the forest and what else? A bear dancing ballet.

But we had no time to lose. I ran through the stadium, to the car and almost yelled hysterically the destination. John looked at me weirdly. Yes, I was in pajamas at 6:30 pm, yelling hysterically with messed-up hair.

After fifteen minutes, we were in front of the forest. Darkness was all that I could see. I was worried, asking myself what happened to Tim.

“Don’t worry. I’m sure he’s safe” He murmured giving me a reassuring hug.

His left arm on my shoulders, we started shouting together Tim’s name. No sound. Only darkness. All of a sudden, I heard someone struggling on my right.

“Tim!” I shouted louder.

“Yes…I’m here” He answered me in a low voice

Oh! My gosh! Finally! Tim was safe. I was the happiest person in the world at this moment. If we weren’t in this forest, I would have danced.

“Tim, come on…” John called nervously.

Slowly, Tim came forward. Under the moonlight, we could see his new body. Oh, my ! My Timmy was…

“What happened to you?” I asked him angrily.

He looked at me, but did not answer… Oh, Gosh! A werewolf! My brother was a werewolf!

The Dangerous Liar                                                               By Zineb Bella
There were two friends. They were supposed to be with their classmates but they were lost. They started walking all over the forest so they could find them but they couldn’t. They were definitely lost in that forest. Their names were Stiles and Isaac.

It was around 7 p.m, when Stiles went searching for water while Isaac was looking for something to eat. Suddenly, they heard someone screaming. They were afraid and started shaking.

“I’m afraid!” Isaac whispered.”I can’t stay here anymore.” he added.

“Well, I’m afraid too but first, we need to know what just happened.” Stiles said.

“No, we need to go home and right now!” Isaac shouted at him.

“Trust me Isaac, everything is going to be fine.” He murmured.

They took a small path on their left and went looking for the person who screamed. They found snakes and all those horrible animals like insects and all that stuff. They didn’t pay attention and started walking again. Isaac was crying and sobbing his mother’s name. What a cute child! Stiles didn’t seem afraid anymore, he was excited to figure out what was going on.

All of a sudden, they found a small house and decided to enter. From that moment, everything was going to be bad for them. They didn’t know it but the small house was haunted. They couldn’t see anything because there was no light.

“Stiles please, let’s go.”Stiles said.

“I promise, everything is going to be fine.” Stiles promised.

Stiles grabbed Isaac’s hand and they both started walking completely in the dark. They could smell blood and an other horrible odour. Suddenly, someone grabbed Isaac’s foot and made him fall down.

“Stiles, help me!” he screamed.

“Where are you?” he asked, “I can’t see you.”.

But stiles didn’t hear Isaac’s answer. He couldn’t hear him anymore. He tried to get out of that but he didn’t find any door. He started shaking and crying.

“Please, let me live.” He sobbed loudly.

“I can’t, I have to kill you as I did to your friend.” someone said crossly.

“I want to go home” Stiles added kindly.

Nothing. No one answered him. Stiles sat down and screamed.

“No one is going to help you.” The voice said quietly.

“Then, kill me!” Stiles screamed angrily.

And that’s what happened. Stiles and Isaac were dead. They died together in a haunted house, in a forest.

Stiles lied, nothing was fine.

17 thoughts on “3eme Classes – 2014 -2015

  1. I love these stories<3 some are more scary than others but it is all interesting !! It's original and I think that it's a really good and funny way to improve the english of every student !! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I think every story has it own style and every story is great in its way. Everybody have made an effort and we can see it in every single story that has been post or no. But in my opinion nadia’s one is my favorite. She had me intrigued and surprised. And the end is just a pure work of art. I couldn’t do better. One word, her story was magic.

    P.S : In the first line of my story there’s a fault. There’s a comma not a and (“Me and Maree Jones”)


  3. My favourite one is Nadia’s story. It is super fantastic and cool. I loved reading it and the way she wrote it is perfect. I sent you mine, can’t wait for it to be published. By the way, works like that are so cool.


  4. I love all the stories, especially Nadia Sahib’s one. Thanks you Mrs. Traumat for publishing them. This blog helped me a lot, thanks !


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