BAC – Help for Speaking

Speaking Exam is after the vacation.

Get the method right:

  1. Define the Notion
  2. Give the issue at hand “problématique” –  ask a question
  3. Give the sub-themes that you will talk about (use link words)
  4. Go into detail about the sub-themes as well as the sub-sub themes (there should be positive and negative points)
  5. When sub themes are detailed ….  Link them to the notion
  6. Give a conclusion – Your opinion

Make sure you record yourself so that you are in the 5 minute slot.

  • Start with a mind map of the subjects we learned in class for the specific notion.
  • Make sure you organize your ideas using KEYWORDS.
    Use linking words that introduce your ideas.
  • Explain the subjects seen in class.
  • Always link your ideas to the notion

Visit this link to understand more:

Watch this video to understand more:



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