Myths and Heroes



What are myths and heroes?

myth  (miTH) noun
  1. a traditional story, especially one concerning the early history of a people or explaining some natural or social phenomenon, and typically involving supernatural beings or events.
    synonyms: folk tale, folk story, legendtalestoryfablesagamythoslore,folkloremythology
  2. a widely held but false belief or idea.
    “he wants to dispel the myth that sea kayaking is too risky or too strenuous”
he·ro (ˈhi(ə)rō)
noun: hero; plural noun: heroes;
  1. a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.
    “a war hero”
    synonyms: brave person, brave man/woman, man/woman of courage,man/woman of the hour, lionheart, warriorknight;
    antonyms: cowardloserunknown, nobody





The American Dream is a national ethos of the United States, the set of ideals (Democracy, Rights, Liberty, Opportunity, and Equality) in which freedom includes the opportunity for prosperity and success, and an upward social mobility for the family and children, achieved through hard work in a society .

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James Truslow Adams:
“The American Dream is that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement. It is not a dream of motor cars and high wages merely, but a dream of social order in which each man and
each woman shall be able to attain to the fullest stature of which they are innately capable, and be recognized by others for what they are, regardless
of the fortuitous circumstances of birth or position.”
United States’ Declaration of Independence:
“All Men are created equal. They are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, among these life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”
Thomas Wolfe:
“To every man, regardless of his birth, his shining, golden opportunity – the right to live, to work, to be himself, and to become whatever thing his manhood and his vision can combine to make him”


“Rihanna gets real with us, opening up about an experience that every American can relate to. She opens up about the pursuit of the American dream, about staring from the bottom to get where she is today, about what this country means to people of all different walks of life.”

Extract taken from:  “Rihanna – American Oxygen”




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  1. I’ve watched the song of Rihanna that is American Oxigen. In her song she said at the beginning that there’s no American dream like everybody can imagine that, beacause they are people who live for dollar, segregation, racism, inegualities… But we can see hope when in her clip we can see Barack Obama, that is the first black president of the United State of America, the Statue of the Liberty… At the end she said “we are the new America” that simbolze that there’s hope, and it’s the people who lives in America who will make the American Dream true
    I agree whith her because in America we can see a lot of inequalities between poor and rich but that is in all or most of the countries.
    The American dream exist but not for everybody


  2. I think that Americain Dream is alive and Rihanna is one of the children of the American Dream.
    In her song American Oxygen, she talks about her own experience in search of the American dream. From an average family in Barbados, she crossed the ocean to reach the American continent.
    We can notice that when she said ” Every breath I breathe chasing this American Dream.” Or when she said ” young girl, hustling, on the other side of the ocean.”
    She goes on to explain that the American Dream is not to be rich, it’s simply the fact that ” you can be anything at all in America”.
    Trought these words, Rihanna encourages poeple towards the American dream. However, the images of her music video prove another thing. They show that nothing is simply and that you have to work hard to achieve your dream
    We can see with the images of Martin Luther King who fought against racism and segregation or with the images of the election of Barack Obama who show that A black american can be president!


  3. I’ve watched the video of Steve Harvey. First of all, Steve Harvey is an American comedian, television host and actor who has been through a lot in his life. Indeed, he has been boxer, carpet cleaner and mailman before being famous. Also, he was homeless for multiple years in the late 80ies. His life is what we can call “the journey toward the success”.

    In the video, a young boy asked him 3 questions: what the American dream means to him? Can anyone attain it? How did he know when he achieves the American Dream?

    For him, the American dream is the ability to achieve and America creates an atmosphere for people to achieve their dreams. Everyone can achieve them, but you couldn’t get it when you want it; you have to work hard, apply faith, never give up and mostly, you need ambition.


  4. The video I watched is an extract from Steve Harvey show where he talks about his American dream. Indeed, a high school student, named Alfredo asks him questions to learn more about his successful career.

    For the TV presenter, the American dream is the ability to achieve your goals and America creates this atmosphere that helps you reach your dreams. It is true that in America there are more opportunities than anywhere else in the word, thus people are more able to fulfill all their hopes and to become who they dream to be.
    Moreover, according to him, anyone can attain the American dream as long this person works hard and don’t give up in front of the first complication.

    Personally, I think that the American dream is complicated to attain. Indeed life in USA can be very hard especially for foreign people and the road to success can be difficult .You need to be a hard worker person and to be lucky to fully live the American dream .


  5. I watched the clip of rihanna’s song “American Oxygen” and i think that the American Dream is alive , because the video show us the America of before and america of today. In past, there were several demonstrations especially those against the racism. But also fatal consequences caused by this racism.
    As rihanna evokes in the song, America improves and continues to improve by changing the laws and accepting the immigrants as citizens of America like the Africans. In the end of the song ,she repeted several times the two sentences “This is the new America”,” We are the new America”. It means that America is not anymore the same as before. The racism is abolished thanks to the fight against this racism whose the leader was Martin Luther King.
    Now, in USA there is democracy, rigts, liberty,opportunity and equality in wich freedom includes the opportunity for prosperity and success. So the American Dream is alive not a myth.


  6. well first of all i can define the American Dream like a dream in which life should be better and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement , a dream of social order in which each man and each woman shall be able to attain to the fullest stature of which they are capable.
    And as said Obama : “the american dream is absolutely not dead” and with all his confidence , he is informing us that America has the best universities in the world , the most dynamic sectors and that it gives opportunities to everybody so that they could achieve their dream .
    Steve added that America created the atmosphere so that anybody could attain the American dream .However , he insisted that to be able of it , everyone should apply hard work , faith , persistance and never ever give up .
    I totally agree with the fact that anybody could achieve the american dream as i saw many examples of people attaining it . we can see through Rihanna’s song the pursuit of the american dream and the reflection of what many people could live and still could accomplish their dream , she could be given as a main example .


  7. After watching the music video of Rihanna, I had a certain opinion about the American Dream which is the first instrument maker that pushes people from all over the world to go to America. The United States as well gives this idea to people so they could attract more people. But is the American Dream or a myth as others?
    This question has a difficult answer indeed.. By showing positive videos of important events that marked the US’ history, people believe in this American Dream.. for example, by showing that America won in war make people think that the US is one of the biggest powers in the world, isn’t it? or for instance, showing that the US’s national baseball team won, won’t we think that this country is the one for us if we were nuts about this sport? I think that showing videos of glory in different fields, attract people of a lot of fields as well. Therefore I think that the US tries to be the best in as many fields as possible to make people think that the American Dream is not a myth but a reality.
    However, could we consider that the segregation is a part of the american dream? do the US show that to attract people? Of course not! This will make people unwilling to come to the US as they could be rejected or not treated well because of their skin color, theit differences etc..
    It’s true that the US have a big importance for the world’s eyes because of its success in a lot of fields but is the american dream for everyone? In my opinion, it’s not really the case because we still find in America people who still kill black people for example.. Moreover, contrary to what the American Dream is initially based of, it’s not that easy to move from ‘Rag to Rich’, so this notion of American Dream needs to be seen once again..


  8. I really enjoy watching Steve Harvey’s show clips in YouTube every now and then .. But I’ve never came across this video !! What an amazing show host and human being he is ! I absolutely agree with him the Amercian dream is to be able to achieve and everybody can do it if they put enough time and effort! We all know that the U.S is the land of the free because It has jobs that can sustain a family. Immigrants migrate to the United States to escape all the crime in their countries or just to be free of the cultural judgments because in the U.S you have the right to be yourself and to express it through your cloths and lifestyle, I mean you can even criticize everyone including the gouverment and still get away with it ! It’s true the U.S creates the atmosphere to be successful by letting you do pretty much anything by letting you make decisions for example concerning ( sexual orientation , gender .. ) as long as you’re not hurting someone..
    In other words you can start with nothing. And out of nothing, and out of no way, a way will be made and you’ll end up with everything ! At the end as Steve said you know that you’re living the American Dream when your mother or your dearest ones are proud of you once you become famous and they start bragging about it ! ( like when Steve’s mother bought 50 copies of his cover on JET magazine and spread them in the coffee table ! Not to be read just for the show 😉 ! )

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  9. Apart from plans Rihanna filmed before the US flag and some images of American youth, almost all of the clip is composed of artfully assembled footage to show us both the wealth of the United States as a nation and its deep paradoxes. Images of Martin Luther King and Obama are present, as well as various symbols of American pride such as the Statue of Liberty, the first steps of man on the moon, etc. On the other side, the dark side of the American Dream is also presented us with a montage alternating increasingly positive and negative aspects: we see the homeless, police violence, immigration problems, war, the death of Martin Luther King, the attacks of 11 September, the Ku Klux Klan … All this has also helped shape the history of the United States and its current image.When Rihanna sings “This is the new America, you are the new America”, the message is powerful: it is to make young people aware that it is up to them to shape America’s future, to not to stay in the roadside because they feel excluded. 🙂


  10. I’ve watched the music video “American Oxygen” by Rihana. The singer tackles talks about the air of freedom and liberty that America offers. The video evokes everything that has marked American history. America is seen through pictures like the election of the first black president, the turning point in the Second World War when America started to defeat Japan, Occupy Wall Street movement etc…
    I think that the American Dream is Alive because many people started from zero and realized big achievements. For example, Obama came from a modest family and became president. Steve Jobs was an orphan who became the creator of Apple and Michael Jackson was from a normal family and became the most famous singer in the world.


  11. In one hand the American dream is now a myth because of the US economy that is decreasing in social mobility. Indeed, the circumstances of American people are much harder than it used to be before. That is to say that Americans who are born poor they’re overwhelmingly likely to stay poor. But if Americans are born rich their chances to stay rich is evident than someone born poor or middle class. No one minds inequality as long as one’s station in life is a function of one’s own decisions and effort. When inequality becomes the luck of the draw, however, if becomes much more profoundly unfair.
    In the other hand the American dream was once a dream as much as the social mobility was the highest where democracy, rights, liberty, opportunities, and equalities governed, in which freedom includes the opportunity for prosperity and success, and an upward social mobility for the families. The American Dream is rooted in the Declaration of Independence, which proclaims that “all men are created equal” with the right to “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”
    According to James Truslow Adams ( an American writer and historian ) : “life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement”


  12. I watched the video about the american dream of steve harvey .First , we have Alfredo who is a high school studen , he ask some questions to steve to learn more about his point of view of the american dream, like : what the American dream means to him? Can anyone attain it? .For him, the american dream is to achieve our goals.In America you have more chances to fullfil your dreams and hopes than anywhere else, and only American creates this atmosphere for people to achieve their dreams.
    But if you want to achieve them you have to work hard , get some ambition and never give up only hard work reward our work.
    I agree with steve because i think the only definition of the american dream is to reach our goals and never give up we just need to work hard for successfull life.Like we saw in class you can start with nothing and get to the top .But in some countries its more complicated , Only the lucky ones can succeed.


  13. I watched the video featuring Steve Harvey’s show, In this video he talks about his own American dream. Alfredo who’s a high school student asked him some questions to understand and learn more about his sucess in his professional life.

    To Steve Harvey, the American dream is the ability to achieve your dreams in America, a country where you can go from rags to rich. This country offers limitless opportunities. It’s a country where you can be whatever you wanna be.
    furthermore he also added that any hardworking person who doesn’t give up can achieve this American Dream of success.

    To my mind this American dream is only a dream you can hardly attain, Especially if you’re not american. Luck is also a part of the recipe to this American Dream. If we mix the american citizenship with a lot of hard work and luck then : “Yes ! We can” achieve that dream of success.


  14. The American Dream is a national ethos of the United States, the set of ideals (Democracy, Rights, Liberty, Opportunity, and Equality) in which freedom includes the opportunity for prosperity and success.

    So after watching and reading Rihanna’s song , I personally think that the American dream is shared between myth and reality .Rihanna was born in Barbados , so , for her America is a fresh air , a whole new world as she said in her song : “you can be anything at all in America”, so, for her America is another chance : the chance to succeed in life .

    In the music video we can see the history of America since the beginning .We can see Martin Luther King, Barack Obama and others iconic figures who have been fighting for independence.We can also see the big movements that are now a part of America’s history like the occupy wallstreet movement because of the wallstreet crush , or other historical moments like the first man walking on the moon…Moreover, we can see a lots of contrast like poverty or the catastrophe of the 11 september 2001 or even racial discriminations that made a part of the American history .

    Even if we see bad images of what happened , we keep the positives things , In her song she ‘s saying : “This is the new America We are the new America” she’s talking about this new America that evolutes and elected a black man to the presidency , a new America that fought and won against racism , An America which rises despite everything, an America of liberty democracy and equality. And those things can let us at the end think that the American dream is alive …


  15. The American dream is other than a dream because there are many realities which we have difficulty in accepting philosophically as September 11 attacks, which made many victims: scene(stage) that Rihanna revealed in its song, and which upset the public, the racism in particular, king martin luther if I can make the link with parks Rosa, the crisis of Wall Street with many involuntary unemployment, the xenophobia, the drugs, etc…..
    That is why, the song of Rihanna is a paradox because the images make historic facts real while the words they even are only the dream in her even.


  16. The American Dream is the idea held by many in the United States of America that through hard work, courage and determination one could achieve prosperity. These were values held by many early European settlers, and have been passed on to subsequent generations. What the American dream has become is a question under constant discussion.
    I watched the video called ‘ask called Ask Steve – What is the American Dream?’.
    Steve harvey as the asian guy (Alfredo)says has ‘so much success’. He tells us that the american dream is ‘the ability to achieve’.But also to him, everybody can attain it if hard work,faith and dedication follows.
    For me, the american dream is achievable if you want it bad enough.


  17. Does the american dream exist ? So first of all, the american dream is an ideal of the US model, which is a country of liberty, equaltity, rights, democracy and freedom. These things make people seeing this country as an opportunity to get successful, thanks to the possibility of being ourselves and let our dreams come true. So in Rihanna’s song or in Steve Harvey’s video we can see that the american dream exists. On the one hand, Rihanna shows the history of the US government, which proves that we can be successful, but not for everybody in a Time, which is when segragtion and racism were there, but after martin lutherking, things changed, even that Barack obama is the président of the united states of america. So Rihanna wants to Tell us by this song that there are inequalities, contrasts in the society, a gap between richs and poors, but we can have our dreams true by working very hard and never giving up.
    On the other hand, Steve harvey ex plain that the American dream is the ability to achieve your dreams in America, a country where you can go from poor to rich. This country offers a lot of opportunities. It’s a country where you can be what you wanna be. He also talked about hardworkers
    who never give up can attain this American Dream.
    In my opinion the american dream is an ideal which make is hopefull, and push us make efforts to attain it, but i already know that it is not simple and inequalities in the society can make it impossible for a part of the society.


  18. The american dream is a national ethos of united states where we can see all the opportunities of living there, in rihanna’s song we’ve seen all the steps that america had knew we can see how people protests against the segregation of black people racism And discrimination. America is a state of opportunities but not for everyone because of inequalities And the gap that exists between poor And rich people. But in some cases its possible for hard working people to attain the american dream


  19. I watched the clip of RIHANNA « american Oxygen » in this song she talks about her special experience about the American Dream , and also that symbolise the liberty that American give and also we can say they push people from all the world to go to America
    In my opinion the american dream is an good exemple who make is confident and they push us to do some efforts to succeed, but the probelem still are the inequalities in the society


  20. This video is the video clip of the music “American Oxygen” by the famous singer Rihanna. This music is very nice but apart from this, the lyrics and the video clip symbolize the american history. We can see people fighting for democracy, they are protesters and they are holding card boards where we can see writing in : “nations of immigrants”. We also can see singers, players of many sports, money which symbolizes the american dream and the success life in the United States of America. The economy of this nation is expressed by the factories. We can see wars which remembers segregation. Finally, I think that this video is nice because it shows the real America.


  21. After watching and analyzing the clip and lyrics of ‘american oxygen’ by Rihanna,i’m torn about the answer of the question “is the american dream alive or is it just a myth”?
    First of all,in her video clip Rihanna show us the evolution of America from the begining,to the fight against racism,the a new and tolerant America managed by a black president : Barack Obama.A paradox is thus here omnipresent.
    The country in himself started with bad bases (racism,no tolerance..) and became the selling dreams country where freedom reigns.
    The society set as example this,and start with nothing with the purpose to achieve their dreams.
    America is now the country where everything can happen if you want it.. the country where you can go from rags to rich. it offers a lot of chances and she said “you can be anything at all in America”. For example Rihanna in herself, was a normal girl from Barbados and left her country for the USA to live the american dream and became millionaire..In one hand i believe that the american exist but efforts need to be made..otherwise everybody could reach it..what is not the case because there’s still inequality between the rich and the poor.
    Nowadays the “american dream” became a reference from everyone who wants to see his life changing…But i ask myself ..this notion of “american dreams” is it only a reference created throughout the years to lead to forget the old america and to change the vision to the citizen, a shape of illusion or manipulation a form of forgiveness..?


  22. Many people leave Europe to go to live the American dream. This word means many things such as the freedom of expression, the human right, the opportunity to be successful realized by the work.
    I’ve watched the video clip of Rihanna : “American Oxygen” who talks about the American Dream. In this clip we can see HOPE and people who figth for, like OBAMA and immigrant on a train. Several people leave their own country to run away from the disparity of the society , t o leave with a centime and create an empire as says it the song.

    The singer tells us above all the new generation including young people who dream of greatness, and see that their dreams can be realized.
    The clip consists of the most striking archives images of the history of the United States. As images of Martin Luther King de Obama, as well as various symbols such as the statue of Liberty, the first steps of the man on the moon. But any thing at the end side because even the American dream in highly-rated one sink: we see homeless persons, the police violence, the war, the death of Martin Luther King, the September 11 attacks…

    Personally I find that this song is very well because it shows the good sides and the bad of the American dream.


  23. Steve Harvey is an American comedian, television host, radio personality, actor, and author.
    He is famous due to his numerous TV emissions like “Ask Steve”.

    In the video I watched, a high school student named Alfredo asked Steve Harvey three questions about the concept of the American Dream and his opinion about it:
    At First, he asked Steve what is the meaning of American Dream for him. Secondly, if can in one attain it and finally how did he know that he achieved it.

    Steve responds that America created an atmosphere to people to achieve want they dream about. For him the American dream is the ability to achieve. He said that everybody can attain it and do it, but some principles must be present. According to him, if we want to attain it, we must work hard and never give up. American Dream is real but it doesn’t fall from the sky, we must have the envy and the motivation to reach it.
    Finally in response to the third question, Steve said joking that he didn’t know that he had reached the American dream until his mother told him.

    Personally, I’m ok with him, nothing is impossible if we have the motivation. However, it’s more difficult if conditions are not favorable. It is the case in poor countries where it takes much longer to succeed. America isn’t concerned; on the contrary all the conditions are here to reach what one’s wants. I think that’s it’s a chance for people who live in rich countries and that they should not miss it.


  24. I believe that the american dream was a reality in the past because people could come to this country and start their life again without being haunted by the past, but in our actual society it has become really difficult to live this dream of success. In addition, in the past this was possible because it was easy to become rich, you had to have the will to succeed. I really think that the only way to live the american dream actually is to have a unique talent or ability. If we take the example of people like Barack Obama or Rihanna who lived the american dream, the first one was intelligent enough to become president of the USA and the second became famous because of her singing abilities. Maybe they would not have been able to achieve what they did in an other country but i think that they lived the american dream because they were unique and because they had the will to succeed in life. I don’t think that the will by itself can make you live the american dream.
    So i truly believe that the american dream has become a myth that only talented people can access.


  25. I watched 2 videos the first video I watched is an extract from Steve Harvey a Tv presenter where he talks about his American dream .For him the American dream is when you achieve your goals to success in life and to create positive energy around you and a good atmosphere so you can achieve your dreams .

    According to him, anyone can attain the American dream if you are working hard and never give up on your dreams .I personaly think that steve Harvey is giving us a life lesson where we have to believe in ourselfs .

    The second video i watched is about Rihanna’s song .In her song Rihanna talks about how she realized the american dream as she said in her song she’s a girl who fighted on the other side of the ocean (Barbados an island where she came from),she started from the bottom and did everything that was on her power to acheive her own dreams :”Young girl hustlin’ on the other side of the ocean “.
    In the music video we can see iconic figures who have been fighting for independence and equality like Barack obama or MLK .Moreover, we can see a lots of opposition like poverty ,racial discriminations or even terrorist attacks “the 11 september” that now are making part of the American history.Finaly rihanna end up her song with saying “you can be anything at all in America “which means that she does believe in the American dream and everyone could achieve their own dreams even if they seems impossible to accomplish .

    As far as iam concerned ,the American dream is shared between myth and reality Rihanna Barack Obama and Steave Harvey are deeply believing in the american dream and so do I .But as the famous french quote is saying “Rien n’est tout noir ou tout blanc “wich means nothing is ever all right or all wrong.Who nows if the American dream really exist?


  26. I watched the video about the talkshow made by Steve Harvey , a famous television host. Steve asked a highschool student named Alfredo who asked him three questions : “What does the American Dream mean to you ? ” “Can anyone attain it ? ” and the last one ” How did you when you achieved the American Dream ”

    Steve replied that America created an atmosphere for people to achieve.For him the American dream is the ability to achieve. He said that everybody can reach it and do it, but some principles must be present not get it because you want it. According to him, if you want to attain it you must work hard,apply faith and never ever give up.
    To the third question, Steve told him that he didn’t know that he reached the American Dream until his mother told him she saw him on a cover of a magazine.

    To my mind , American Dream is a MYTH. I strongly believe that the AMERICAN DREAM is an ideal which makes you do more efforts, work hard to attain your goal. The life in USA can be very hard, for the local person as for the foreigners. You need to be a hard worker, you need to take the opportunities , you have to be pragmatic and enthusiastic.You need also the have chance , to be in the right place in the good time.


  27. I watched the extract of Steve Harvey show. Steve Harvey is a very famous person in Amerca thanks to his show but also because he is an actor, a television host and an author. In the beginning of the video, we can see a student asking to Steve Harvey three questions. The first one is “What is the American dream”, the second one is “Can anyone attain it” and the third one is “How did you know when you achieved the American dream?”

    For him, the American dream is simply the ability to achieve and, recording to him, everybody can attain it. But it’s not easy because we have to work hard , apply faith, and never give up. He didn’t know when he made it but he knows when he’s mother thought he made it.

    Personally, I agree with him. When someone wants to live the American dream, this person can do it. But, we have to be motivated, and do everything we can do to success. We don’t have to think that it’s is easy. The only thing that I disagree with is the fact that everybody can do it. Sometimes, even if we have the motivation, there is a lot of difficulties such as money or just the possibility to go there. So if there is no obstacle, everybody can do it with a hard work and with the necessary mindset to go throught this.


  28. First, we can define the American Dream as a dream of success and freedom.

    We know that the most of people around the world come to America trying to find the promise land, the utopia, and where they reach this continent, they discover a place where everybody has the freedom of speech, religions’ liberty of practicing etc. But they came there for somethink else: the believing of the American Dream. They are searching of the success and popularity and celebrity but the reality hearts them because not everyone can reach the high classes and million dollars.

    Besides, the number of people who success in America and live the American dream are rares. We can talk about Barack Obama, children of an immigrant and an american girl and the man who is now the president of America. He reached this rank thanks to his excellent speaking. We can also take for example Rihanna who speaks about how she realizes the American Dream and once again it was thanks to her lovely voice.

    Finally, we can say that the American Dream still exist (for a close number of person) but we see that a lot of people still think America is the utopia where everyone can become rich and popular. Than they realize that as notion says, it’s a “dream” : it can become true or can still being a dream.

    I don’t say to these person that was wrong searching for a better place and they don’t have to think the money will knock at their doors. They have to work hard to success and reach their dream. So we can affirm that the American Dream is a symbol of try hard and work hard. And as they say “no pain, no gain”.


  29. American dream TODAY is a myth

    Obama in “President Obama : American Dream still attainable” clearly says that the “American Dream” is alive for the future generations, Rihanna strongely believe in this “American Dream” like a lot of people. But we have to keep in mind that Obama is the president of USA (a part of what he can say, he is forced to say it to make peaople believe in him) and Rihanna is a pure product of the American Dream.

    To touch your dream you clearly have to work hard, if you want something in your life you must work hard to have it, but the work isn’t the only thing you need.
    Rihanna, Obama, Steve Jobs, etc… have talent and a lot of luck but they are a minority compared to 320 millions of americans.

    In the past, the american dream was attainable for everyone, you just arrived in the continent you can wish the best to your son and it will certainly happen if he work hard for what he want, but today this dream is highly hard to attain. I clearly believe in work and what it gives but we are a lot to work hard for the same dream and a lot of us have more luck and talent compared to the others.


  30. I watched the video of Jeff Daniels which i think is very interesting mostly because of its total transparency and objectivity. Jeff used real and precise arguments to prove that America isn’t the first in evreything. He said that the reson why america was once so great is because america’s leader knew how the recognize flaws and imperfection in the government, and in the country and knew how take actions and stand for the right thing. The people were informed of the real facts and weren’t blinded by Presidents who lied to their people by saying that america is the best country in the world and evreything is acheivable through hard work. Beacuse this isn’t true anymore in fact a poor person who managed to graduate from college is 14 times les likely to get rich than a person who comes from a whealthy family and who never graduates highschool.
    I agree with Jeff Daniels, americans used to be informed and aware of what’s going on in their country. Now america is clearly not the greatest country in the world mostly because do not recognize what’s wrong in the system. Americans are so blinded by this vision of a free america that they don’t see what’s the flaws of their country. And if you dont see the flaws you cant correct them and i f you cant correct them the country cannot get better.


  31. American dream was a reality in the past because in the 18-19 century people can be restart their life in America. But today i think is not possible to have an American dream . Because we are in a world in economic crisis and USA are not the only power in world like before 90’s.
    But if we take the succestory of Barack Obama we can think the american dream is always possible. But if american dream are possible, i think is more difficult than in past .


  32. I’ve watched the video of steve Harvey in that video a young boy asked him three questions about the american dream:what the american dream means To him,how can he reach it and how can he know that he reach it
    To that interroguations steve Harvey respond that the american dream is to succeed in his Life and that usa create all the conditions to success and that it’s our responsability to do efforts to arrive where we want to be


  33. American Dream. When you ear this word, a lot of pictures and history comes suddently in your mind. A lot of values (freedom, liberty, equality…), scenery (Silicon Valley, Far West…), way of life (independence, respect…), events,… All of this makes dreams peoples because it’s utopic and everybody wants a life like that and I think everybody can attain that if we will provide the means. It’s not easy but, like Barack Obama says “Yes we can!”. The song of Rihana traduce this idea by a comparison with breathing to impregnate America and all of the opportunity that it offer. A breathing of liberty, of freedom, of progress, of developpement, of creation,….brief of dream.


  34. The American Dream can be defined like a dream in which life should be better and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement , a dream of social order in which each man and each woman shall be able to attain to the fullest stature of which they are capable.I watched the video about the talkshow made by Steve Harvey , a famous television host where he present his opinion about the American Dream. For him the USA created an atmosphere and give the conditions to people to achieve their real dream. In addition, he said that just hard work and the motivation to attain success and happiness can makes their life better.
    Personally, i agree with him, our motivation accompanied with same efforts can change our life and let us reach our goals.


  35. I have watched the video where steve harvey,a famous tv show host answered a couple of questions related to the american dream asked by a confused student whose name is alfredo.
    Steve seems to strongly believe in the american dream as he went throught many hard situations to achieve what he is doing nowadays and states that the american dream is a kind of notion that makes one provide more efforts, something that puts an individual in the mood to push again and again througt the numerous obstacles that he shall face to finally achieve a well deserved success .
    As far as i’m concerned, i belive that the american dream at first started as a notion to attract more population in this particular context of the conquest of the west as well a the industrial lightning progress.
    A simple idea that promotes the fact the one can start small to grow big in a total freedom of acting which is deeply related to the american fundamental priciples such as liberty and equality judging by the economical system that rules the country “liberal capitalism” wich maily turns around these notions.
    And as this simple idea kept on attracting more and more populations (most of them fleeing poverty oppression and starvation) to grow up as one of the american fundamental principles .
    But nowadays this notion is slowly decreasing as the richs become even richer while the poors are only heading more deeply in the abysses of misery . Only a few cases of astonishing success emerge from times to times which may as well be affiliated to miracle and hazard rather than the american dream .


  36. To my mind , to every moment of conformity , there are a part of society who is against conformity . It was obvious.
    Indeed , the beat generation was born in the 50’s , the teenagers didn’t want to follow the rules , to follow their parents. It has its consequencies. They started to take drugs , to drink alcohol , to be REBEL even if it makes no sense. There are a lot of ways to protest against rules, doing this ain’t one of a good way.


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